Skip Bayless should be fired for his comment on Duck Prescott

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Skip Buyless is paid a lot of money by Fox Sports for saying a lot of Asin on TV – many of which he probably doesn’t even believe. But what he said on Thursday in the episode of the untold show “Undiscussed”, he should be fired, and it’s a move that should have taken place hours ago.

People are speculating here on FS1, who brought this disgusting windbag to their network, who doesn’t see anyone doing stupid things, probably wouldn’t dare to do it, which is sad, because the beold boots TV studios are entitled to be out and into porn for the good of all of us.

(Full disclosure: I used to work at Fox Sports, though I did not work directly with Bayless.)

In fact, Fox Sports made a statement on Thursday night It was originally said: “We don’t say what Skipp has to say but this statement will be enough to show with the hope that we don’t really care and are not going to do anything about it. . Thank you for reading this pointless statement. ”

In case you missed it, Bevus ripped off Cowboys QB Dak Prescott to open up about the depression that occurred during the start of COVID-19 quarantine. In April, Prescott’s brother, Jas, died by suicide at the age of 31. Prescott said how he overcomes emotions and needs to get help, which is when terrible things happen in your life.

Bayless, however, was not a fan of Prescott talking about his depression because Prescott is the quarterback of the “America’s team” and a star footballer who is the leader of his team and clearly has feelings and emotions to recover or recover. Not with sharing those feelings and emotions.

Bayless said:

“I’m going to get my audience to go on and condemn me, if you choose, on this issue, cold-blooded and insensitive. I have deep pity for clinical depression. But when it’s an NFL team You know it better than me when it comes to quarterbacks, it’s the ultimate leadership position in the game. You’re commanding an entire franchise … but you’re commanding a lot of young men and some big men And they are all looking at you as their CEO to be in charge of the football team. Because of all of that, I don’t have the sympathy to be publicly disappointed by that. I encountered depression early on at that point in COVID Kiya, where I couldn’t even workout. “Look, he is the quarterback of the US team.”

Come. . Empty. On.

Here’s the thing, skip. You may not have “deep compassion for clinical depression” and then say that you are not a fan of a young person struggling with depression.

It just doesn’t work that way.

Also, Skip, the sign of a true leader is someone who is strong enough to share their feelings and emotions and to help people when they need to. Being unsafe is 100 percent okay. It is also 100 percent encouraged and only brings you closer to the people around you in your life.

Getting help for depression can be a very difficult task for many people. Listening to an NFL star speak openly and freshly about getting help for depression can only help so many people who look out for him and will be feeling the same way. Finding that you are not alone with your struggles is such a powerful moment. To deny that just because someone plays for a professional football team is really terrible.

My fear with this ugly, idiom by Bayless is that it will make it even harder for some people to seek the help they need, although I hope I am wrong.

Here are some important words shared with reporters on Thursday:

“I got the help I needed, and I was very open about it. … Emotions can overcome you if you don’t do anything about it. Mental health is a very big issue and it’s right now in our world.” I have a real thing in it, especially the world where we live where everything is viral and everyone is part of the media, I think you can say that, and can be on social media and be emotionally To overcome or to allow other people to think and allow them to fill their head when those things are not necessary, whether it is liking on Instagram or being seen or being bullied or something Be too. You can have thoughts in your mind or about your situation in life about all those things that are not true. I think it’s too big. I think it’s too big to talk about , I think getting help is huge and it saves lives. ”

Prescott does not want anything to be said about his struggle, that it is completely silly, it is completely dangerous and shame on FS1 for giving this man a platform to spread such horrifying messages. Should come

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