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The prospect of aliens has sparked humanity’s interest for centuries, now that a conspiracy theorist believes he has proof. A short video from the Helio Viewer, which monitors the Sun from the Solar Dynamics Observatory – NASA’s satellite – shows a series of black dots flying by our host star.

While the video contains hundreds of objects, a conspiracy theorist believes that he has identified a huge spacecraft in the middle of the footage.

Prominent foreign enthusiast Scott C. Waring has claimed that the video contained an intelligently built spacecraft.

In addition, Mr. Waring claims that the UFO in question is roughly the size of a moon.

The conspiracy theorist, without any reason and explanation, also believes that NASA would not tell the world of a potentially huge alien space ship in our solar system and that the space agency would try to cover it.

Writing on his blog of UFO Sightings Daily, Mr Waring said: “This video of Helioviewer actually has a huge tube like the UFO shoots past.

“The UFO is huge and its size is on both sides.

“It really looks like an intelligently made craft. The UFO is actually viewed twice by two different filters, once in black and once in white.

“UFOs are about the size of the Earth’s moon. Why hasn’t NASA made the world aware of it? Because they know it’s not a meteor or an asteroid.”

However, the object in question is probably just a meteor or an asteroid.

There are hundreds of thousands of space rocks within our solar system, which can be anything from a few centimeters to hundreds of miles, so it would not be surprising that one of them was taken in NASA images.

Some scientists would argue that the object is a piece of space floating in front of the camera.

Former NASA engineer James Oberg first popularized the phrase, stating that space dandruff could be anything from small rocks to paint chips that fell from a rocket.

Mr Oberg said: “I had enough experience with the real spaceflight to realize that what is being seen in many videos is not entirely beyond ‘ideal’ from events that take place entirely in worldly events . ”

He said that the human brain is not programmed to make sense of small objects floating in zero gravity.

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