Sixers credit assistant Sam Cassell for Ben Simmons’ offensive success

Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons is not a guy to take over a game on offense with his touchdown. He’s a guy who will prepare his teammates for their own success, and will do the little things to get them some open looks while also playing elite defense.

Recently, the LSU star has taken on a different role within the offense. Rather than looking solely to prepare his teammates when he’s going downhill and into the paint, he’s thinking about scoring. You are looking to get your own. and it shows in his stats as he averages 19.3 points while shooting 61.1% from the ground on 12.3 attempts per game.

Simmons recently credited assistant coach Sam Cassell for helping him with his free throws and Doc Rivers adds to Simmons’ assessment of Cassell.

“I think Sam has been amazing,” Rivers said. “He has done it in all the places he has gone. You have a great ability to communicate. He’s extremely blunt, and I think he’s one of those guys, there are guys in the league who have a way of telling you the truth and not offending you. I think Sam does a great job with that. “

One area of ​​offense that has been noticed with Simmons has been the team that attacks him most often. While Joel Embiid owns the painting and pole posts for Philadelphia, there is also a way to post Simmons. Rivers has wanted this from Simmons, and Cassell has helped him with that, too.

“He really works on his back game, because that’s an area that we think by the end of the year, even now Ben is great, but we want him to be almost unstoppable there by the end of the year,” added Rivers. “We work on it every day.”

The Sixers have two home games left before the All-Star break starting Monday against the Indiana Pacers.

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