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Six things we learned from the press conference on Monday the 13th of Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll

One day after the Seahawks '30-27 victory over the Carolina Panthers, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll met with the media to discuss his team's performance in a victory that improved the Seahawks' record to 6 -5 and strengthened his chances of playoffs.

"There are a lot of things we need to get out of this game in a lot of areas," Carroll said. "We saw it as a real big fight and battle, we like the victory because we respect Carolina and the way they play and their style and the way they have been playing at home and all that, allows us to take a look at this game We knew they were good, we were lucky to get a victory and get out of there, it's just another one for the books for us in Carolina and all that … It was a good victory and we're leaving. "

Here are six things we learned from Carroll's Monday press conference:

1. The development of young players will be key to what the Seahawks hope will be a good ending.

While that was not the case last season when the Seahawks had problems down the stretch, in the past they usually played their best football in December. And if they're going to take advantage of this current two-game winning streak and end the year tight, Carroll says the key to a good ending will be the way young players continue to progress.

"The only area, which has also been broadcast for years, in which I have thought is that our young players are engaged too soon, and when we get to the midpoint, they improve," Carroll said. "And now you enter the last four games and the fourth quarter of the season, and they are better." That helps you more than just the fact of your game, but also plays more and allows other players to get some breaks and rotate and Things like that, I think it keeps us strong, and Russell (Wilson) has been a good finalist, you watch his games and your numbers in the fourth quarter and the fourth quarter of the season and things like that, his performance has been really stellar As we move forward in the section and that is also important. "

As a result, Carroll said that the training staff and players are "on this whole issue" when it comes to preparing young players to handle the stretch.

"It's so crucial that we're in the right vein here with the way we approach games that are coming and the end of the year," Carroll said. "That's why I'm so tuned in to the end of these last games, it seems like we're putting our balance on ourselves and executing ourselves as we want in the end, which, to me, is a microcosm of the big picture. really well and be prepared and confident that you are ready and ready to finish.If you have reached the point where the games are available at this moment, then you have done well.I just have to keep doing it.Doing the job for more time is A really important aspect to finish, and that is something we are constantly trying to teach, going back to April, about finishing the exercises, finishing the work, finishing the study, finishing the work of the movie you are doing. ways, I think you can practice the mindset of focusing well, we'll see what happens, we're going to need it, it's a long way here. "

2. The three against one is not a problem for Bobby Wagner.

Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner had another great performance on Sunday, registering a total of 11 tackles, including a crucial stoppage of Cam Newton in a fourth race in the red zone. The Panthers really won 8 yards in what could have been Wagner's best play in the game, but Wagner limiting that gain to just 8 yards showed his considerable talent. On the first play of a Carolina possession in the second quarter, Newton found Christian McCaffrey in what looked like a perfectly configured screen pass. When the runner caught the ball, he had three blockers in front of him, with only Wagner blocking a big potential gain. However, despite being outnumbered, Wagner sneaked through the blocks and faced one of the most elusive runners in the league, establishing the Panthers from three on.

"I felt I had the advantage, there were only three," joked Carroll. "That was an incredible play, that was an incredible play against a big back that has all the cuts and all the instincts and all that, I do not know how he did it, but he did it and, at that moment, it was a great play. I know how many other people realized that, but we certainly appreciate it and you, too, I suppose, they were incredible instincts because you had to set it up, you had to make it happen to what you had to work with, what really was at a disadvantage. "

3. Carroll is fine with Carson's fenders, but he wants the fumbles to be cleaned.

Chris Carson accomplished one of the week's plays against the Panthers, turning an obstacle in Eric Reid's attempt at securing the Panthers in a frontal shot in which he somehow crashed the landing after Reid knocked him down in the air. Carson said after the game that he had already finished trying to overcome the defenders, but Carroll is not upset that his runner is at risk.

"No, I do not care," Carroll said. "Go for it, I like the mindset that's needed to do that, that's why he's the way he is, he's been in the air before, not like the one he had (against the Panthers). You have to control the ball all the time, you've never planned, I'm sure, to turn around, it seems like I've been working on it to tell you the truth, but, no, I do not care, I do not want to stop it, I do not want to inhibit it, let it go "

However, what Carroll wants to change is Carson's two fumbles in the last two games. Carson lost a fumble in last week's win over the Packers, and then lost the ball to another loose ball on Sunday, though he left the field.

"There's also some training there, there are some things," Carroll said. "He lost the trail of the guy who attacked the ball, but that can also happen on other occasions and he was a bit loose right there, there is some definite training, we train him as hard as we train anything in our whole program."

4. The Seahawks still seek to clean up errors in the execution defense.

Carroll hastened to give credit to McCaffrey and the Panthers for their offensive play, but in addition to the Panthers' offensive duties, the Seahawks still feel it is not acceptable to abandon 220 yards on the ground and an average of 8.1 yards per game. -wear.

"We made a lot of mistakes," Carroll said. "It's worrying because we're not really a complex system, I talked a lot about the discipline of it, it's the experience, you know, playing this system without KJ (Wright) in the lineup: KJ played a lot with these guys and he and Bobby, they really have intricate roles, and they came in. There were some mistakes and some misunderstandings and things like that that have not happened in recent years, but I do not want to take anything away from (the Panthers), those guys were in. They had a beautiful plan of play, a good job with his quarterback and McCaffrey, they did a great job. "

5. Seattle pass protection played an important role in the great second half of the offense.

With the Panthers doing a good job slowing Seattle's running game, the Seahawks had to rely on their passing game, and Russell Wilson and his passing receivers had a great time, producing 339 passing yards and two touchdowns. But it was not just the players who threw and caught the ball that made those big plays happen; He also took a strong effort against a good pass from the Panthers, and the Seattle line stayed well after abandoning two sacks earlier, keeping Wilson clean for the rest of the game.

"(Wilson) had very good protection at all times," Carroll said. "They caught us with a couple of pressures and we missed a couple, we tried to do something we should not have done and they got us." They put a lot of pressure. They are one of the most committed teams in numerical terms, so they will hit some from time to time. Your boys are really good, so they make good use of the heat they bring. Actually, we could have had a really good game pass (protection) if (we did not) make the two mistakes we made. (The Panthers) make that happen too, that's a good team that makes that happen to you. "

6. Doug Baldwin showed "he is an extraordinary competitor" and other injury updates.

Doug Baldwin did not practice on Wednesday or Friday last week because of what Pete Carroll called a "legitimate" groin, and was listed as questionable for the game, but he not only played on Sunday, he played 90 percent of the games. Seattle's offensive plays, the most receivers, and he caught five passes for 39 yards, and he should have also had a touchdown catch in the second quarter, but Wilson only lost to Baldwin in a shot in the end zone.

"I can not imagine that he is not in pain," Carroll said. "It's extraordinary that he played, he had a groin pull that was legitimate and he only did it and he did it all week long, I do not know anyone who played with a pull like that and he could only do it. every man and he is an extraordinary competitor. "

Carroll said the only notable injury that came out of the game was a sternum injury that knocked out fullback Tre Madden after he helped establish a touchdown with a 28-yard catch and run to the 1-yard line.

"We'll see how that goes," said Madden's Carroll. "Otherwise, we'll have to wait a couple of days to see how the boys return, nothing out of the ordinary."

The linebacker K.J. Wright, who has not played in the last two games, "is still working on his rehabilitation," Carroll said. "He has a process he is working on right now, there are no updates on the timing of it."

Carroll said that J.D. McKissic could be added to the list this week after returning to practice last week. McKissic has been on the disabled list since the start of the season due to a foot injury.

"There is a possibility, yes," Carroll said. "We'll show you what we're thinking here during the week. I'm looking forward to it."

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