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Six pedestrians injured in chain reaction crash near City Hall

Six pedestrians were injured by a libertine cab driver who rushed through an intersection near the City Hall in Lower Manhattan on Thursday.

The Lincoln Town Car liberty taxi headed east on Liberty St. when it veered sharply on Broadway to around a Ford Explorer but collided with the SUV instead of 1:20 pm, the cops said.

The Explorer hit a cyclist, crushing the bicycle under one of the wheels of the SUV, while the livery driver was still running.

"There was a lady who got out of the way in front of me," said witness Hector Freytes, 40, of Astoria. "She has the reflexes of a cat." I hope it's okay. "

Freytes said the Town Car was not deviating or slowing down.

" It was a straight line, "he said." It did not stop or diminish at all. I thanked my lucky stars. I'm a bit shocked … People were scattered everywhere. I called him for an ambulance. "

The Town Car hit a woman who was heading to the top of the city at the crosswalk and crashed into a Mercedes, injuring the driver, then jumped a curb and hit a car parked before going to rest.

  Police officers were investigating if the accident was caused by road rage.

Police officers were investigating whether the accident was caused by road rage.

(Thomas Levinson / New York Daily News)

"I was just walking with my friend and maybe five meters in front of us, some car hit the girl and then I went through and hit another car," said Zuzana Adamcov., A Czech artist in her Lunch time.

"I was in shock. I was saying it was fine. I was lying on the floor. The driver was lying in the right airbag. I think it looks like an accident. "

Doctors took three people, including a person in serious condition, to Bellevue Hospital, while three with minor injuries went to Lower Manhattan Hospital.

The Town Car driver was questioned at the First Precinct station, police said.

"After Halloween, you have to be more careful crossing the street and that," Freytes said, referring to the Halloween terrorist attack on West St. that left eight dead. "Look both ways always. I just hope everyone is fine. "

The cops were investigating whether the accident was caused by road rage." The Town Car driver may have been angry because the Explorer was slow to cross the intersection.

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