Six months after confirmation of the first COVID-19 case in Greene County; Here is where the county now stands

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. after the first COVID-19 case appeared in Greening County. (KY3) – Six months have passed.

Missouri Village. Mike Parson then joined the leaders of the Springfield-Green County Health Department to announce the county’s “first positive” case of COVID-19, which was also the second case in the state.

Since then, Green County and the City of Springfield have issued and removed stay-at-home orders in July, in response to the COVID-19 epidemic, while the City of Springfield issued a facade order.

According to the Springfield-Green County COVID-19 dashboard, these were the cumulative totals of cases and deaths in Greene County on a monthly basis since the first county case was reported:

March 12: 1 case, 0 deaths

12 April (one month): 76 cases, 8 deaths

May 12 (two months): 90 cases, 8 deaths

12 June (three months): 194 cases, 8 deaths.

12 July (four months): 520 cases, 9 deaths

12 August (Five months): 1,765 cases, 16 deaths.

12 September (six months): 4,804 cases, 44 deaths.

“These deaths are again a sad reminder that COVID-19 is not over, and while some of us think we will not be affected, there is no guarantee with the disease,” Clay Goddard, Springfield-Greenhouse County Health Said health department director in September. “At the very least, we give it to each other – and especially high-risk people – to watch our distance, wear our masks and practice washing our hands.”

As of Sunday, September 12, Green County has reported 4,833 cases of COVID-19. The county has 2,296 active cases and 2,493 recovery reports.

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