‘Six Minutes To Midnight’ Review: A Final School For The Nazi Elite

A large number of films have been made not only about WWII, but also about the days leading up to it. So it can be difficult to find new angles. How about this: a Nazi girl’s school in a seaside town in England in the 1930s?

Such a place existed: Augusta Victoria College in Bexhill-on-Sea. His school insignia contained a Union Jack and a swastika. It was here that the daughters of the Nazi elite ended up. As a result of this peculiar fact, Eddie Izzard, whose family hails from Bexhill, decided to forge a film; Izzard not only stars in “Six Minutes to Midnight,” but he is also one of the script writers and executive producer.

The setting grafts a fictional suspense thriller reminiscent of Hitchcock onto the reality of the school’s existence. “Midnight” begins with the disappearance of an instructor at the school, in sinister circumstances. Enter Izzard as Thomas Miller, come replace him. Like his predecessor, Miller is a British spy actually sent to gather information about the school. While the activities of the students, their German instructor Ilse (Carla Juri) and their British director (Judi Dench) appear to be improving, in terms of pedagogy, the environment seems conducive to espionage. And when Miller witnesses the enthusiastic response of the student body to an Adolf Hitler speech on the radio, he realizes that the suspicions of his superiors are correct.

Classified lists, a secret evacuation plan and a murder plot come into play. The Backstabbers are portrayed by director Andy Goddard with better-than-average artistry, but the more the film leans toward old-fashioned suspense conventions, the more interest it loses, sadly.

Six minutes to midnight
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