Six major election takeaways – about Biden, Trump and those misleading elections. News of america

As vote-counting continued in several states on Wednesday, these major avenues for the 2020 US elections emerged:

Biden believes victory is victory

The Joe Biden campaign said the Democrat challenger was on his way to victory in the presidential race. The electoral map and the ongoing count of votes that were cast early – but not counted as final, due to rules imposed by Republicans – were emphasized. Biden’s clear path to victory over Donald Trump appeared as a victory in the Great Lakes states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Trump too (but very tough)

The Trump campaign also said they have a way to win, previewing a repeated request in Wisconsin, a legal battle in Nevada and other potential challenges to the outcome. Pennsylvania’s victory could also boost Trump. But those methods showed longer shots than Biden’s increased vote margin. Trump, for his part, was trying his best to cancel the vote, reduce the count and declare himself the winner on Twitter, but prominent Republicans did not immediately join him in his mission. However, the road ahead looked stony, and the US President, speaking from inside the White House, took the unprecedented step of stopping the election on election night.

Day of result unclear

A presidential result was not expected on Wednesday and probably not until Friday. Election officials in a Democratic city, Philadelphia, expected to supply hundreds of thousands of votes for Biden, announced that his count would not be completed on Wednesday. As Trump alleged on Twitter, Biden’s campaign manager, Jane O’Malley Dillon, said: “We are confident that by this afternoon we are on a clear path to victory, we hope the Vice President has those states. Election vote today, which will put him at 270

Voters come out

Voting took place on a large scale. Biden garnered more votes than any candidate for the presidency, close to 70 meters, and Trump won by the third-most votes, with only Barack Obama in the 2008 bid among them. Biden was on his way to winning the popular vote by millions, though his victory was generally smaller than the double-digit margin suggested by the elections.

Voting routes were closed

Elections across the state proved largely misleading in 2016, after undermining Biden’s strength in the state rather than undermining Hillary Clinton’s strength. Major polluters lost the mark by higher single parties in many places, and elections were held at the more granular district level. Were even further away. Polling analysts agreed after 2016 to a clear conclusion as to what was broken and how to fix it, it was unclear how the enterprise of voting could be saved this time. Wisconsin had 10 points in many polls and eight in Florida. Elsewhere, the elections looked somewhat more accurate.

Democrats abstained from ballot

Democrats were largely disappointed in the down-ballot race, with their Senate majority dreams hanging by a thread. He retained his majority in the House of Representatives but lost a few seats. They appeared to occupy some assemblies like Michigan, while in other places they were blown away, feeling they had a chance to win, as in Texas. It was an election in which it is difficult to mark a patchwork of national results, which saw flashy democratic pickups in places like Arizona and potentially Georgia, but a failure elsewhere and a clear failure to reinforce the blue wave of 2018. Progressivists put forward Trump’s apparent electoral strength, wondering how to counter Trumpism in the future, drafting an appeal to his voters, which included a healthy minority of Hispanic voters of various backgrounds. According to the exit poll, Trump won white voters by 15 points – his same margin since 2016.


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