Six cars ready to fight against the new Toyota Supra.

You forgot about this, right? Well, forget it: the TT RS is, quietly, one of the best fast Audis of the last decade.

It all depends on the engine, but before we get down to work on the five-cylinder engine and start using jobs like "warble" and "Group B rally pedigree," let's keep the fire going. Other Audis, such as the RSQ3, the RS3 and the old TT RS, have also used a 2.5-liter turbo sound engine, but beyond pure rhythm and a cracking soundtrack, they have been more one-dimensional than a Disney villain.

For the TT RS, Audi went to the city in its anachronistic engine of five pots. I had to do it, or the notoriously petrol-o-holic would never have been approved by the emissions testing people. With a new block cast in aluminum instead of steel, and lighter internal parts, Audi cut about 25 kg of the weight of the nose of the TT. Meanwhile, the throttle response felt as if they had injected Red Bull into their eyeballs. And there was the result of a bigger blow to almost four hundred horsepower.

As a result, this incredibly fast designer brand shoe is no longer handled like a Christmas shopping cart with all the wine and gin stacked in the front. He cornered with some obedience, instead of subverting as the tires were made of wood. Granted, the quattro unit still lacks the adjustment capability of what AMG and Ford can handle, but across the country, the TT RS was faster than a supercar. And it sounded like one.

It is no longer for sale, as Audi discusses how to get the improved TT through the new and stringent WLTP efficiency tests. If the TT can survive the CO2 training camp, it will be welcome to arrive late at Supra's sports car party …

Engine: 2.5 liters 5cyl, turbocharged
Transmission: 7spd DCT, AWD
Power: 394bhp
Torque: 354lb ft
0-62mph: 3.7sec
Maximum speed: 155 mph
Weight: 1515kg

Price: £ 51,800

Detail of the killer: choose between a 2 + 2-seater coupe (ish), a strict two-seater soft roof, and rest badured that, as usual in a VW Group fast car, the stated time of 0-62 mph is very pessimistic . We have seen that these things go from 3.5 seconds to 62 mph.

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