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Site of Natufian excavated in Jordan

  Jordan Natufian transition COPENHAGEN, DENMARK-According to a report in Seeker researchers led by Tobias Richter of the University of Copenhagen have excavated a Natufian site in Jordan known as Shubayqa 1, which It was occupied between 14,600 and 12,000 years ago. The early radiocarbon date for the site, obtained through accelerator mass spectrometry, suggests that the Natufians lived in the Levante region earlier than previously thought, and adapted to a wide range of habitats. The site could also offer scientists information on the transition from hunting and gathering to farming. Richter said that people who lived in Shubayqa 1 domesticated dogs 14,000 years ago, built one of the oldest stone buildings in the world, with a floor of cobbles and art in the form of carved bones and stone figures. They also buried their dead. "Some have argued that this is evidence of the presence of specialists in rituals-shamans-or some kind of group leaders," Richter said. "What seems clear is that the Natufians developed a complex symbolic cosmology and treated their dead with respect." A bonfire lined with stone and remains of poultry, gazelles and tubers, vegetables and cereals and wild legumes were also discovered. . For more information, go to "First Farmers of Europe".

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