Sister, Manager of Jailed UFC Fighter Irvine Rivera Speaks During the Day

One of the sisters, who was stolen by UFC fighter Irwin Rivera, said his brother was not acting like himself in the days following Thursday’s incident.

Rivera’s sisters Lezley and Kelly are hospitalized, but in stable condition, Fighter’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz, told ESPN.

Earlier on Friday, in a Facebook post, Lizelli wrote that Rivera was not sleeping, she was not talking the way she normally does and lost interest in MMA training altogether, which That “he lives to do.” Lezzelli said she went on a trip to the Riviera in Florida because of her bizarre behavior.

“Unfortunately his mental level was worse then we could [have] Imagined and before we could help break it down completely, ”wrote Leslie.

“Their mindset is completely unrecognizable.”

According to an incident by the Boynton Beach Police Department obtained by ESPN, River, who was arrested on Thursday, admitted that he tried to stab his two sisters with a knife in the wee hours. Rivera reports that his purpose was to kill his sisters, calling him “a higher power.”

According to online records, Rivara made her first appearance in the court on Friday morning after the court granted the emergency motion. He was charged with two counts of attempted murder and was held without bond.

Abdelaziz said Rivera is “very respectable” and a favorite of his Dominance MMA management team. She described Rivera’s actions as unusual, and like Rivera’s sisters, she wants the fighter to receive mental health support.

“His sisters support him 100 percent,” Abdelaziz told ESPN. “He said, ‘My brother is a good, beautiful person and he needs help.” He said that it was not really him. “

In a Facebook post, Leslie wrote that she “wishes” for her and her family [Rivera] He is so desperately in need of professional mental help. “

Rivara’s mother, Susana Campos, told Mexican publication Milenio that her son “lost his memory a few days ago and took some evil over himself. His mind was blocked. He was not himself.”

Rivera, a 31-year-old Mexico resident and resident of Florida, debuted at the UFC last May and went 1-2 in 2020. He is a former Titan FC bantamweight champion.

In a statement on Thursday, the UFC said it was investigating the “extremely disturbing” situation and would not offer Rivera at this time.


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