Sir Elton John & # 39; in shock & # 39; after his mother dies at 92 –

Sir Elton John & # 39; in shock & # 39; after his mother dies at 92


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Elton John poses with his mother in 2002

Sir Elton John says he is "in shock" after the death of his mother, Sheila Farebrother, a few months after their reconciliation.

"It's sad to say that my mother pbaded away this morning," he said on his Facebook page, along with a picture of them together.

"I only saw her last Monday and I'm in shock, travel safely, mom, thanks for everything."

Sir Elton, who was born Reginald Dwight, was an only child.

Although his father – a flight lieutenant in the RAF – was a trumpeter in his spare time, it was his mother who ignited his love for pop music.

Avid record collector, brought home music from artists such as Elvis Presley and Billy Haley and supported Sir Elton throughout his career.

Petty argument

But they fell for a "petty" argument in 2008, when Sir Elton asked him to cut ties with two old friends, Bob Halley and John Reid.

Mr. Halley had worked for Sir Elton for three decades, first as a driver and then as a personal badistant, before being fired as part of a series of changes he was making to his team.

Mr Reid, who had been Sir Elton's manager and briefly his mistress, helped the musician to become one of the most famous and richest artists in the world, but they too fell.

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Sir Elton and David Furnish, pictured here last month, have two children together

"I said, 'I'm not going to do that and let them go,'" Mrs. Farebrother told the Daily Mail.

"Then, to my utter amazement, she told me she hated me. And then he hit the phone … Imagine, me, his mother! "

Mrs. Farebrother told the newspaper at the time that he had never met his grandchildren Zachary and Elijah, whom Sir Elton and his partner David Furnish fathered by FIV with an American surrogate mother.

For her 90th birthday, Mrs. Farebrother hired an act of tribute to Elton John to perform.

Soon after, her son contacted her, sending her white orchids to celebrate the milestone.

But their relationship was still tense. Sir Elton told Rolling Stone that his mother had not called him to thank him when the bouquet arrived.

"To be honest, I do not miss it," he said. "I take care of her, but I do not want her in my life."

However, the couple seems to have completely reconciled this year, after Sir Elton recovered from a life-threatening bacterial infection.

"Dear mom, Happy Mother's Day!" he wrote on Instagram in February. "So happy we are in touch again Love, Elton xo"

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