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The violin has come.

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Warning: This article incorporates distributors to complete the Umbrella Academy 1 Race!

The Umbrella Academy's first season is comes to an end with great reputation, and no characteristic of Ellen Page's Vanya Hargreeves has any effect.

Completed its & # 39; Vanya sees her final transformation from the Umbrella Academy mischievous. denying a wholly-fledged settlers, as she turns into the White Fiddle and her; closing up to & # 39; wound blow that breaks out humanity. Read on to find out more about what this transformation means and how it is; compares her story in the Umbrella Academy comics.

Who is the fiddle?

At the beginning of the series, Vanya has been introduced as a reminder of Umbrella Academy. "Number Seven" is named by a father who is cold and innocent, and proves that Vanya does not have superhuman powers; make sure she never has to get together with her relatives about their campaigns. However, both spectators and Vanya themselves are coming to learn over the course of the season that she has powers. Not only that, in terms of real damage, maybe the most powerful member of the Hargreeves family.


Vanya has the ability to convert audio and re-direct in an energy format. This power can be used for something more complicated by affecting her sister's wheels or as wide as her; destruction of buildings, cities and even the whole moon. The problem is that, because of his own emotional stability and his father's decision to break this power instead of his training to use it, there is no great control Vanya has his power.

That's where a White Fiddle fiddle is coming in. In this form, Vanya has a & # 39; sets out all fright and uncertainty of all fright and is a device for destruction that may be needed. Its fiddle is a tool for identifying and focusing its power, but at the cost of everything that makes it human.

As we give us a page in an interview, "I do not think it is aware [of what she’s doing in the end]I am thinking about her & her; Ultimately, it appears how she was treated as a child and her life, like a # 39; came out in a perfect way in a huge laughter, which was then associated with this type of power, obviously that it has been strengthened to a degree beyond its control. "

White violin: The Comics vs. Netflix

The story of Vanya follows the same common path in the comics, as it is the case. make use of her family to make it a Bright Fiddle and the user in a global apocalypse. However, many of the details in the Umbrella Academy comics are different.

Instead of focusing on the small decline of Vanya in a small town, Umbrella Academy: Revelation Apocalypse Reveals; showing its transformation early. Vanya is employed by a man named The Director into the Verdammten Orchestra. The director has written music writing entitled "The Apocalypse Suite", which will destroy the world immediately when it is played formally. So, in this version of the story, Vanya is only an essential piece of the runner that ends in the world, not that single destruction. The manipulative director also performs pain to Vanya who is not so willing to be converted and turned into the White Fiddle and his; closing its hidden capacity. But just as Vanya finally kills Leonard's attack in the show, she is turn his power against the director and take control of the Verdammten Orchestra.

The other important difference between the comic and TV series includes the Vanya product. In childhood, Umbrella Academy members Guide to prevent tolerance when the Number of Five is broken by Vanya in the head and its; leaving a great dread on brain. The show describes the moment when Allison holds a gun to Vanya's head, but it will spread when Allison fires near his ear instead of burn Vanya. This has a detrimental effect on removing Vanya's construction power directly at its & # 39; moon, causing the bad disaster that the team tried to stop.

This can be explained as an example of passengers at a time that attempts to prevent an accident and do not. preventing its first place. No one can argue that there was an incident on this disaster, regardless of the changes made on the Number of Five to the timeline. In a few or two ways, it is likely that Level 2 runs a very different way from the source material.


Showrunner Steve Blackman explained that the change was coming from our comics at the showcase: "Only the last change was Netflix and # 39 ; there and because … those people liked these shows, we wanted a hang, that really wanted to come back for Season 2, leaving you [saying] "I need to know what happens. I have to come back." That's why the end has been changed to hang a minute. "

What happens in season 2?

Despite the completion of the Umbrella Academy 1 Race with the total destruction of Earth, there is still scope for this unofficial team to save the day. Five-year-old brothers are able to take back their brothers back in time just before the enemy's destructive victory affects the enemy. And based on the fact that a rest of Hargreeves' family is a coming into the youngest, it seems that we see them to travel back to the early 2000s, when Umbrella Academy was at the top.

This is similar to what is happening in the second graphic novel of Umbrella Academy, Dallas, as a number of members of the team; dating back to the 1960s and taking part in the JFK killing. Clearly, the story of Rame 2 will be quite different, but it is expected that the display will spend a lot of time; stay in the past because the team is trying to erase the crash that he did in 2019.

It also shows that Vanya has a strong focus in a solution. In Umbrella Academy: Dallas, Vanya is slowing down from his wounds and guns. get back-to-date. Her amnesia helps to & # 39; discharging some of the mental damage caused by the CEO's surgery and to give her a new idea of ​​the damage she had made as the white fiddle. At the end of the Umbrella Academy: Dallas, we can see even Allison to Vanya's wish to go to; removing her wheeled wheels and giving her power to her.

Vanya does not have a bad problem to deal with in War 2. But, we would not be surprised if Allison Vanya's gun causes a & # 39; suffering from hearing, and influencing its powers Gealannan Gealannan. The two sisters may have a lot of blood to work through Race 2.

The same question is that Vanya could be solved after her seasonal season in Reserve 1. Spaceboy actor Tom Hopper told us: "It is our responsibility to get rid of the" This mental situation is right now. If it's the case that my brothers and sisters are the reason I'm like this and that's down that way … "

Rumor's actress, Emmy Raver-Lampman, was happier, saying, "I say that Allison says to me that she is capable of moving."

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