Revolution prefabricated partners with boxer Manny Pacquiao at home, gym design

Philippine sports icon and international boxing legend Manny Pacquiao will design affordable housing and sports and wellness structures with unicorn-owned start-up technology Revolution Precrafted for local buyers and international.

Pacquiao, who recently made his first technology investment in the Philippines financing the initial round of the local car rental platform Graventure will help Revolution build affordable housing and sports-inspired residential developments in the Philippines and everyone, said the proptech startup.

In addition to Graventure, Pacquiao, who is also a senator in the Philippines, has invested in the launch of the Singaporean bloackchain Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX).

Based on its In the 2016 statement of assets, liabilities and equity, Pacquiao's assets of more than 3,000 million pounds consists of 46 percent real property, 43 percent cash and jewelry, 7 percent One hundred several investments and four percent of transportation equipment.

The Pacquiao Group of Companies Inc. currently owns or participates in several businesses, including Roadhaus Economy Hotel, Pacman Wildcard Gym, JPM Shalom Travel and Tours, Pacman H20, Team Pacquiao Store, JPM Phoenix, Pacman Beach Resort, JMP Buildings.

Since its inception in December 2015, Revolution Precrafted said it has partnered with some of the world's leading architects, designers and artists to create design houses. , pavilions, furniture and other related structures.

So far this year, Revolution Precrafted has sealed deals worth more than $ 6.5 billion abroad. These include the $ 3.2 billion World Islands deal with Seven Tides in Dubai, the $ 1.2 billion Okkyin project in Myanmar, the $ 300 million concession in the Caribbean and, more recently, a luxury resort project in Okinawa

Earlier this week, the company announced that it will build more than 2,000 residential units in two locations in Puerto Rico, in partnership with Grupo Cacho.

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