Oh! Tooth found in a Singapore Airlines miniature (SIA)

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PROBABLY was always happening but an Australian man who had a " found ill because he ate the online food at Singapore Airlines and so went to the hidden human dance of Russia.

When Bradley's Button came near the end of the russ in the & # 39; His minor SIA, there was a sick illness. He put out what was in his mouth and was in it – a dentist that was not there.

"I threw my big up," Mr Button from Melbourne says to the media of Australia. "For the rest of the flight I was not good, someone else does not seem to be involved in food."

Mr. Button on his way home to Melbourne from Wellington on board SIA Flight SQ248 Tuesday after a short visit to a friend, when the accident happened.

"The flying assistant who was attending me was to make sure she had to take away for exams and tried to tell me that she was a little rock; , when it was almost no shadow of dance, "he said. "Then I received a $ 75 ticket that I can only use on a duty in a Singapore Airlines plane."

Mr Button said he was talking to the travelers next to him who thought he was tired and tightened the story to the Australian media. He also gave pictures that show a little like tooth moth.


Singapore Airlines has apologized to Mr Button for the information and the item will be confirmed in Melbourne.

A spokesman says in a statement: "We are currently investigating this event and we have scrutinized the item. Once the results are known To analyze, we will determine which type of activity is the most appropriate.

"We expect all our foods to meet regularly and we have been disappointed in this evidence."

For registration, Singapore Airlines has a & # 39; Continue to build on world news releases as the world's best airs. In World Sky 201 Airline Awards, it was ranked No. 1 which was last held in 2008. Qatar Airways, which was last year, entered the second place. ANA was Japan third.

SIA has been moving the site up in the last few years – it came third in 2016 and was replaced in 2017. The Singapore carrier ranked the best place for three Other regions – the best in Asia, the world's best class and the best symbol in the world of seats.

The awards are based on surveys of more than 20 million passengers, who rated more than 335 airline companies between August 2017 and May 2018.

As iteach-in-the-cap, this is the fourth time that the SIA was named as the best air in the world with its " based research company based in London, following benefits in 2004, 2007 and 2008.

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