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Mattel points out Barbie's last name, Internet loses it

Barbie, the most iconic doll in the world, has a story for her, including a big family and even a failed relationship with Ken.

There's a whole generation of people who spent their childhood playing with Barbie dolls, but do you even know their full name?

A social media publication by the maker Barbie Mattel drew attention to Barbie's last name, and the company wished everyone a happy brothers' day for everyone on April 11, from "The Roberts Sisters".

The message included an image of Barbie and her three sisters and triggered an online conversation about the entire Roberts family, as many had not even thought that Barbie could have a family name.

It turns out that everything is online for anyone to search, but almost none of us does. The full name of Barbie, as the discussion ended up highlighting, is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

His parents are George and Margaret Roberts, of Willows, Wisconsin.

Ken's name, by the way, is Ken Carson.

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