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    Chaos. Defined by the English Dictionary Oxford as "complete disorder and confusion".

    Use it in a sentence? Just wait for every story written about the first round of the NFL 2019 draft, because that is how we will find out if the Arizona Cardinals are lying that they will take the former Oklahoma quarterback, winner of the Heisman Kyler Murray Trophy, with the No. 1 global selection on April 25.

    Of course, the Cardinals have not come out and have said it. But it's hard to find an NFL national reporter who has not been told that the team intends to swap the 2018 Josh Rosen global team and recruit Murray to replace him.

    "Is Josh Rosen our field marshal? Yes, he is, at this moment, safe," Cardinals general manager Steve Keim said in the team in February. Josh Weinfuss of

    Do not include "right now" unless you are not sure that Rosen is the long-term solution, or unless you are doing everything possible to increase commercial interest. But it is possible, possibly even more likely, that Keim and the Cardinals are trying to attract a trading partner not for Rosen but for the election that would theoretically be used to replace Rosen's replacement.

    So here is a simulacrum of "what if". What if the Cardinals have executed a smoke screen with cutting-edge technology? What if Murray is not the first selection? What if the New York Giants prefer Dwayne Haskins? What if the Oakland Raiders stay with Derek Carr instead of getting into a mediocre quarterback draft clbad? What if the Denver Broncos are not willing to move up Murray, or if they prefer Drew Lock or Daniel Jones?

    What happens if Kyler Murray slips right into the top five?

    It would be chaos, and very good entertainment.

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    The choice: EDGE Nick Bosa, State of Ohio

    Those who do not buy Murray's propaganda can feel comfortable because they are not alone, and within the media landscape I am not either. The well-connected cardinals for a long time defeated writer Kent Somers, of the Republic of Arizona has been skeptical about Murray's hype to Arizona throughout the offseason, and in a recent simulated draft by Geoff Hobson of, Somers has the Cardinals pbading Murray on behalf of former Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams in the first place.

    From my perspective, it's simple: you do not sacrifice first, third and fifth draft picks for a quarterback and then give up after just 13 starts in a bad offense. It would be foolish for the Cardinals to move out of Rosen so quickly, especially considering that Murray is far from a perfect prospect (he's exceptionally low at 5 "10"), has a small sample of college football and could rely on baseball when he want).

    It would be one thing if there had been a seismic regime change since the Cardinals took Rosen tenth in 2018, but Keim is still the general manager.

    My impression is that the Cardinals have not ruled out Murray completely or have made a decision on the main election, which is fair considering that time is still on his side. It would be stupid to at least test the waters with respect to a trade at the top of the draft, so the smart approach is to be publicly vague about your intentions. That, combined with a successful leak-free misinformation campaign, would make it easier to convince the media (and potentially their counterparts) that Murray is a blockade.

    That is the best way to make the maximum value for this selection, but I am not convinced that someone is willing to pay for compensation. Only another team with a selection of the first nine needs a quarterback, and the Giants could be fine with "conforming" to Haskins if Murray was first overall (in fact, they may prefer Haskins to Murray). Would the Broncos be willing to go up nine places when Murray does not look like a John Elway quarterback? The story also indicates that he is not the type of Jon Gruden, but more in the smoke detection attempts of the Raiders in a few moments.

    Whitening Report NFL draft wizard Matt Miller still has Murray going to Arizona in this place, but even he He says He likes Rosen more than any other quarterback in this clbad (although Murray "has the tools to be awesome"). We're on the same page, except that I'm still not willing to believe that the Cardinals would be so desperate and / or foolish enough to pull the trigger of a Rosen / Murray selection, unless the king paid a ransom for the first.

    Maybe I'm giving too much credit to the Cardinals, but giving Bosa to Murray is really an attempt at optimism.

    This could easily be equal to Williams, especially considering that the Cardinals already have an elite presence with Chandler Jones. Still, there is hope for Robert Nkemdiche inside, the defensive end is a bit more important position and Bosa is the complete package.

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    The election: EDGE Josh Allen, Kentucky

    This draft contains two potential star deckers, and the 49ers from San Francisco did not get as much as expected from the 2017 general election, Solomon Thomas, on the defensive end. I would not be surprised if they tried to trade Thomas before he lost value and became more expensive in the last years of his rookie contract and turned his attention to Bosa or Allen with the second overall selection.

    That way, San Francisco would be filling a need and at the same time take the best player available. And with DeForest Buckner coming out of a Pro Bowl season, Allen, who, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, I had a two-day meeting with the 49ers last week, it's a truism about Williams. It is significantly more versatile and can be used in the defense of the race and coverage as an initial linebacker, which could be useful, especially if the Niners keep Thomas close.

    The 49ers spent a lot of money on veteran pbad broker Dee Ford in March, so there is also the possibility that they will try to trade to cover the most pressing needs of the cornerback or wide receiver. But I do not see that happening because there are a lot of quality defensive linemen in this draft and there's no way that San Francisco or the New York Jets are winning a second or third quarterback in general.

    The Jets are better prepared to trade from No. 3.

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    The choice: QB Dwayne Haskins, State of Ohio

    The New York soccer teams have never consumed an exchange together, probably because neither of them wants to be humiliated by giving up a selection that is used to make their geographic rival significantly better. But the Jets are sitting pretty with a new franchise quarterback from last year's draft, and they would have little reason to agree with Bosa and Allen off the board.

    They would be much better picking more selections and getting better value for a pbad rusher, pbad receiver or cornerback later in Round 1, and their best offer probably comes from a Giants team that may be paranoid about the intentions of the Giants. Raiders With the No. 4 selection.

    The price would be much more damaging to other teams in need of quarterbacks like the Broncos, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Miami Dolphins or the Washington Redskins, all of whom would have to climb from a much lower step on the scale and have less capital from project that the Giants. first.

    So look for the G-Men, who also own the No. 17 overall, to take their two Day 2 elections to Gang Green to block their future quarterback, and have that field marshal be Haskins, not Murray.

    Everyone indications They are the giants love Haskins, who shares several key traits with Eli Manning and is a prototypical pocket pbader with a booming arm. It's a safer choice than Murray, and the Giants usually take the safe route. Also, he would be well prepared to spend a year or two learning from Eli Manning, whom the Giants simply will not get over.

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    The election: DT Quinnen Williams, Alabama

    "Oops!" Dave Gettleman could say in this scenario if the Raiders do not take a quarterback. It's possible that the Raiders take Haskins if he's available, but I still do not think they're going to face Derek Carr or use a top-five selection in a quarterback with Carr on the list. The first would be silly, while the second would be silly (push to be a word, just for the sake of Oakland).

    Let's be realistic. Carr just turned 28 years old. He is a Pro Bowler three times, is two years removed from a heroic season in which he obtained half a dozen MVP votes, and is under contract for the next four years at a reasonable price of $ 21.5 million per season. . And by Spotrac, changing it alone would save the Raiders rich in $ 7.5 million cap in 2019, which is virtually meaningless in the depths of the offseason.

    As I noticed when I presented my case last month for Carr to remain a Raider, Gruden is known for his appreciation of quarterbacks with measurable prototypes. Kyler Murray does not fit that profile.

    It is possible to gruden it has evolved. But the Raiders just have to be disciplined, keep up with the quarterback who comes from a season in which he had career records in percentage of completion (68.9) and average yards per attempt (7.3) and, instead, takes one of the most attractive defensive line prospects of all time.

    That might seem hyperbole, but take a tape of Williams and you'll understand. The guy simply dominates against the race and as a pbad rusher. It is tremendously fast and athletic for a big man, and could have the ability to play multiple roles from the start.

    That's great for a team of Raiders looking to replace Khalil Mack. The Raiders not only finished last year in the NFL in sacks last season, they did so by a margin of 17 sacks. That is not a typo. The following teams with the lowest ranking (the Giants and the New England Patriots) recorded 30 sacks of equipment compared to the Oakland 13.

    Oakland needs Bosa, Allen or Williams. Gruden can thank the Giants here.

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    The election: LB Devin White, LSU

    Finally a projection that will not make waves. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been linked to a great extent with White, who is one of the most promoted ball-line prospects in years.

    For white, we can use that V word increasingly important. He has a great versatility, which is key in that position these days. It can be used to a large extent in coverage, in the defense race, with its excellent line-to-line speed, and in the pbading race.

    And it happens that it fills one of the biggest holes in the Bucs' list after Kwon Alexander's departure.

    This would be a debate if Bosa, Allen or Williams fell. But with those three off the board, the choice of Tampa Bay should be obvious.

    Will the Bucs receive commercial offers with Murray still available? It's possible, but none of the four teams on the deck are probably interested, and with Drew Lock also on the board, I can not see the Broncos offering enough to get out of the 10 spots. Go to this selection, and White probably does not leave the top 10.

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    The choice: QB Kyler Murray, Oklahoma

    With the three great defensive linemen missing, the Jets general manager, Mike Maccagnan, who loves exchanging and picking selections-But I might be willing to do it one more time as we approach a range of teams that could use a potential franchise quarterback.

    That's a long way to go for a Washington Redskins team that chooses the 15th and already has Case Keenum, Alex Smith and Colt McCoy on the list. The Miami Dolphins have too many positions to address in their reconstruction to sacrifice the capital project required to jump from the 13th to the sixth. And the Broncos might still be willing to wait to see if Lock could fall on them in tenth place.

    But what about the Bengals?

    Yes, Cincinnati has not traded in the first round of the draft, as it did to take Ki-Jana Carter for the first time in general in 1995 (bad omen), but the Bengals and their tiny scouting department love to take High profile players in the early rounds. They could probably make this exchange with the Jets motivated by nothing more than their second-round pick, and give them the chance to regain relevance in a division that has recently left them dead (again).

    Andy Dalton remains under contract for two more years, but the 31-year-old regressed quarterback has not succeeded, and can be exchanged or released at any time without charge. New head coach Zac Taylor has been saying all the right things about Dalton, but the reality is he's not the Taylor type, and this could be a low season for a team that often seems to be allergic to big changes.

    So let's risk ourselves by predicting that Mike Brown will come out risky.

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    The election: QB Drew Lock, Missouri

    With Haskins and Murray finally off the board, the Broncos would not want to be overtaken by Miami or Washington. So it would be time to make an upward move in three places to lock in Lock.

    Denver acquired Joe Flacco earlier this offseason, but John Elway seems to be getting impatient with his quarterback situation, and he has to know that a 34-year-old who comes from a fourth consecutive season with a sub-pbader rating 85 is not a long-term solution.

    The Broncos are likely to pay Flacco his unsecured salary of $ 18.5 million to close the gap and prepare a quarterback in 2019, and then give Flacco the boot before his price increases above $ 20 million in 2020.

    We know that Elway loves great field marshals with cannon arms. Murray does not fit into that mold, and Elway has He took note of that. But Lock? You're looking at a well-built, 6 & # 39; 4 ", 228-pound talent for the arm that Colorado coach Mel Tucker recently described as" out of the box ".

    He needs to improve his footwork and be more consistent, but he has great potential. And considering what the Broncos have found at the center of recent times, it's easy to imagine Elway jumping.

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    The choice: EDGE Rashan Gary, Michigan

    The Detroit Lions could try to trade, collect some additional selections and grab one from a group of worthy second-round first-down pbad runners at a later stage, but it would be difficult to pbad the well-known Gary locally. , who often showed his amazing physical abilities 40 miles west of Detroit at the University of Michigan.

    The Lions have most of their pieces in the offensive place, but could use a new young face to complement the free agent of large sums of money Trey Flowers and make life easier in a high school that will feature the new slot corner Justin Coleman But they're also fit enough in D so they can wait for Gary to come out after a college career that was disappointing on paper (he only had 9.5 sacks in three years, the Wolverines).

    Gary's rough athleticism, the size (6 ", 4", 277 lbs), speed and upside could give him an advantage over Montez Sweat, who also physically stands out and delivered himself in the combine, but has a Heart problems That could cause some concern.

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    The choice: EDGE Montez Sweat, State of Mississippi

    The Buffalo Bills lack a true identity in defense, in part because they lack defensive players. And his main pbad rusher, Jerry Hughes, is on the wrong side of 30 entering a one-year contract. So even though they recruited Shaq Lawson in the first round just three years ago, this could be a good time to take advantage of the weird amount of defensive line talent in this draft and take on a guy like Sweat.

    It is tall, long and wildly fast. Like, wildly. The man ran a 40-second race in 4.41 seconds at 6'6 ", 260 pounds, setting a combine record for defensive linemen. And unlike Gary, he was productive in college, recording consecutive double-digit campaigns to close his college career in the SEC.

    The cardiac condition discovered in the tests in the combined is something that will have to be investigated, but has not scared the teams with the 10 best selections:including the bills-since encounter with sweat. If your medical exams are verified, this would make a lot of sense at number 9.

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    The choice: OT Jawaan Taylor, Florida

    The Jacksonville Jaguars could finally have a stable franchise quarterback. Now it's up to them to support that field marshal as best they can. That could mean writing a wide receiver like D.K. Metcalf, a tight end as T.J. Hockenson or an offensive tackle like Jawaan Taylor. All are considered as the best prospects in their positions, and none would be a bad choice.

    We go with Taylor because the offensive tackle is a little more premium and the good ones are hard to find. Taylor seems a good one. He is big and strong, but also athletic, and could switch in or out to left tackle, which could be useful if the 2017 second-round pick, Cam Robinson, does not show up after a rookie season and a season-ending campaign. second year with injuries.

    In any case, Taylor would provide an immediate update in both the pbading game and the execution game on the right side.

    The Jags are rebuilding their offense on the fly, and the best approach is to work from the middle of the road. That exchange with Denver should increase the total of their selection for Day 2 to four, giving them many opportunities to capitalize on a deep pool of prospects that help Nick Foles.

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    The choice: EDGE Brian Burns, Florida State

    After a couple of exchanges, it would be time for the Jets to take over one of the other pbading drivers. The delivery of Gary and Sweat to Burns is small, but few singing pitchers deserve a first-round consideration after Burns, and Gang Green needs to participate in the pbading-gate party.

    Burns is a rising prospect who is versatile enough to play with his hand on or off the ground and should fit well when Gregg Williams takes over the defense of the Jets. He is a strong career defender and a defensive end with a lot of experience too.

    New York needs an update on Brandon Copeland against Jordan Jenkins, because with the two leading the way, the pbading race did not finish the job in 2018 (the Jets were among the last 10 in terms of percentage of bags and adjusted bags) to Outsiders of soccer).

    Burns should have an immediate impact.

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    The choice: TE T.J. Hockenson, Iowa

    The Green Bay Packers have invested so much money in shooting and financial capital in the defense in recent times that there is not much room for another first-caliber first-round defender. So, while Ed Oliver would be a temptation, it makes much more sense to give Aaron Rodgers a new weapon to work with, while the Packers try to renew their offense with new head coach Matt LaFleur.

    Jimmy Graham's experiment was unsuccessful last season, and the addition of Hockenson would allow Green Bay to separate from Graham or make life easier for Rodgers by creating at the same time some tasty matches with both the veteran and the rookie in the field. . .

    In any case, it would be the goal of the future for a team that lacks depth in the catch-pbad in the post-Jordy Nelson / Randall Cobb era. But it's not just about catching pbades. A key element of Hockenson's game is his blocking ability, which you know the 35-year-old Rodgers would appreciate. It's a complete package in that position, and it would have an incredibly high ceiling in LaFleur's offense.

    Also, there's that Iowa connection in Green Bay. Just ask Josh Jackson, Mike Daniels and Bryan Bulaga.

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    The election: DL Ed Oliver, Houston

    It's hard to imagine Oliver falling further because he's a top-10 prospect and the rebuilding Dolphins must be thinking about the best available player. Quarterback Daniel Jones is a possibility, but it could be better for Miami to charge and take advantage of Oliver's availability now before throwing the tank and finding a quarterback early in next year's draft.

    In addition, Oliver would fit tremendously in South Florida, where the Dolphins think / hope they have bright young stars in defense (Xavien Howard and Minkah Fitzpatrick), linebacker (Raekwon McMillan) and defensive end (Charles Harris), but they lack of talent and vice versa in defensive tackle position.

    Oliver would obviously change that in an instant.

    Aaron Donald's comparisons became difficult to ignore after a scandalously explosive 21-year-old player went viral during a professional day off the charts in which he directed a short shuttle on DeSean Jackson-level of speed.

    Keeping that in mind, there's a good chance that someone among the first 12 rolls with the best available player and Oliver does not fall that far, but the adventurers still get more love than the defensive linemen in the interior who were not bag machines in the university level Oliver was not, and that combined with his lack of size could cause him to fall.

    That was the case with Donald, who turned out to be the 13th pick in the 2014 draft.

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    The election: DT Christian Wilkins, Clemson

    Many copywriting simulators are giving the Atlanta Falcons an edge defender here, and for good reason. The Atlanta pbading race was a considerable weakness in 2018. However, Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff used first-round picks against pbad rushers Vic Beasley in 2014 and Takkarist. McKinley in 2017. He may not be ready to do it again, especially if that would be an admission of failure with two young and talented players remaining on the list.

    So, instead of rolling with a second-row prospect, the Falcons might prefer to bolster the defensive front by giving their star defensive lineman Grady Jarrett, a teammate inside.

    Enter Wilkins, who has often been overshadowed by Williams and Oliver during the previous writing process, but is also worthy of a top-15 pick, after frequently dominating as a four-year presence at Clemson.

    Wilkins is a strong NFL-trained indoor runner who can pick up catches and team up with Jarrett to present a nightmare, which should also help Beasley and McKinley. And the early success of the polished 23-year-old could make it easier for the head office to handle Jarrett's contractual situation as he prepares to play under the franchise label in 2019.

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    The election: QB Daniel Jones, Duke

    The Redskins could be without Alex Smith for the entire 2019 season, but they could have been in a first-round quarterback, even if Smith was expected to return earlier. Case Keenum is signed for only one season, and Smith may not start another game until he is 36 years old.

    They have too many holes to start chasing the quarterbacks with exchanges, but if Jones falls into his lap in the middle of Round 1 on April 25, do not wait for them to pbad.

    By Adam Schefter of ESPNWashington is scheduled to spend two days with the three-year ACC starter this week, giving the team the opportunity to confirm that it is not only large (6 ", 5", 221 lbs), precise and mobile, but also smart.

    Those traits could allow Jones to become a strong NFL starter despite the lack of strength in the arm. The Redskins have to hit the bat.

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    The choice: EDGE Clelin Ferrell, Clemson

    Is the time. The Carolina Panthers have not selected a pure pbader in the first round since they took Julius Peppers second overall in 2002. Seventeen years later, and less than three months after Peppers announced his retirement, it would be appropriate for Carolina will take control the last of half a dozen first-round crushers worthy of the first round with the final selection of the top half of Round 1.

    Ferrell makes a lot of sense. He shined in the Carolinas while leading a famous Clemson pbad during two seasons of national championships, and his experience and success as a runner and career defender make him an excellent NFL-fit player for a team that is in the winning mode now.

    The Panthers can not afford to expect a big development, but Ferrell can contribute to the three losses from the start. And that would be tremendous, because nobody wants to spend a season trusting Bruce Irvin and Mario Addison on the edge.

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    The election: LB Devin Bush Jr., Michigan

    A change would be uncharacteristic for a Baltimore Ravens team that lacks a second-round pick, but with Terrell Suggs, CJ Mosley and Za & Darius Smith missing, Baltimore could be desperate enough to send one of their own. two third parties. selections, as well as a selection of Day 2 of 2010 to the Giants to ascend by the Bush landslide.

    After all, Bush could be the last elite defensive perspective left on the board, has the ability to become Mosley 2.0 and played for John Harbaugh's brother Jim in Michigan.

    Of course, there is a good chance that Bush does not fall so far in real life. But 10 of our 16 best elections were defenders. One was destined to fall into the Baltimore orbit project after a tour of free agency. Defenders of Edge and defensive linemen who pbad at full speed usually have more power than linebackers outside the ball, and Bush does not have as many physical tools as white. So you can see why there could be a slide on the table and why the Ravens could try to take advantage.

    We're still talking about the reigning Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year and a guy who stood out in consecutive seasons with the Wolverines. His physique compensates for his lack of length, and he has the potential of Pro Bowl as the holder of Week 1 in the professionals.

    The Ravens may not be able to resist.

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    The election: OL Jonah Williams, Alabama

    With his $ 28 million quarterback a year and his ridiculously high and talented defense, the Minnesota Vikings have no choice but to be in the winning mode now. And it became clear that while they were relatively quiet during free agency, they expected the draft to find better protection for their expensive starter.

    Whether it's Williams, Cody Ford, Andre Dillard or someone else, the Vikings have to use their first-round pick on an offensive lineman that can make an immediate impact. Williams makes a bit more sense in this case because he was a starter for three years in the best university program in the country and should be ready to play a huge role from the start.

    Ford does not have much experience, while Dillard could be more than a simple tackle. That would usually be a good thing, but the Vikings are still (over) paying for left tackle Riley Reiff and used a second-round pick on right tackle Brian O'Neill last year. They were worse on guard in 2018, and adding Josh Kline in free agency is probably not a cure.

    Williams could eventually become a star tackle, but would provide an immediate boost in 2019.

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    Michael Conroy / Associated Press

    The election: TE Noah Fant, Iowa

    This could be a decisive season for Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota, which means there is a responsibility in Tennessee for the fifth year caller to get as much help as possible.

    They already have two elite offensive tackles, Hockenson is off the board here and they probably do not have a wide receiver two years after using a top-five pick in Corey Davis. Pero Fant es uno de los prospectos más intrigantes disponibles en este lugar, y los Titans necesitan desesperadamente un final cerrado.

    Delanie Walker está luchando para regresar del tobillo gravemente fracturado que le costó la mayor parte de la campaña de 2018, pero Walker cumplirá 35 años en agosto. Tennessee necesita un ala cerrada con un techo lo suficientemente alto como para reemplazar a Walker a la larga, pero al menos complementarlo por el bien de Mariota en 2019. Fant encaja en ese perfil.

    Hockenson presentó números generales más grandes la temporada pasada en Iowa, pero en sus últimas dos temporadas juntas, Fant anotó el doble de touchdowns (18 a nueve). Y el jugador de 21 años, excepcionalmente atlético, hizo olas en la cosechadora con una carrera de 40 segundos de 40 segundos a 6'4 ", 249 libras.

    Eso tiene que valer una selección top-20.

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    La elección: CB Byron Murphy, Washington

    Los Acereros de Pittsburgh probablemente tomarían a Hockenson o Fant, pero con los extremos cerrados del tablero, podrían abordar una necesidad importante al retirar la primera defensa del draft en el lugar No. 20.

    Tampoco los culparía por ir con Greedy Williams o Deandre Baker, ya que Williams, Baker y Murphy son todos en las curvas finales de primera ronda con futuros brillantes. Pero les estamos dando a Murphy, que viene de una segunda temporada de camiseta roja de cuatro intercepciones en Washington.

    Eso es importante, porque los Steelers se ubicaron entre los cinco últimos en la NFL con solo ocho intercepciones en la defensa en 2018. Necesitan hacer más jugadas grandes en la secundaria, y Murphy tiene una habilidad especial para esas.

    También es extraordinariamente pulido para un tipo con experiencia universitaria un tanto limitada, lo que debería ser importante para un equipo de los Steelers que intenta seguir siendo competitivo. Y su habilidad para jugar adentro o afuera y defender la carrera podría hacerlo particularmente intrigante en Pittsburgh porque los Steelers no tienen una esquina clara y número uno y su secundaria carece de talento de cobertura en todas las ubicaciones.

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    La elección: RB Josh Jacobs, Alabama

    Los Seattle Seahawks no han usado su propia selección de primera ronda desde 2011, y se redujeron en la primera ronda en 7 borradores consecutivos. Y hay pocas razones para creer que se aferrarán a esta. Seattle tiene solo cuatro selecciones en este draft y necesita más, mientras que los Raiders tienen la capital del draft para al menos saltar algunos puestos.

    Con un corredor con una gran necesidad y un consenso, Josh Jacobs aún en el tablero, este sería el escenario de intercambio perfecto desde el puesto No. 24.

    Los Raiders en reconstrucción ya han abordado enérgicamente el receptor abierto y la línea ofensiva en la agencia libre. Luego agregaron un liniero defensivo de élite anteriormente en este simulacro, y este no es un gran lugar para tomar un ala cerrada o un corredor de pases. Pero Jacobs es digno de una selección top-25 después de romperlo al final de su carrera universitaria en Alabama. La muestra no es enorme, pero eso significa que tiene mucha banda de rodadura, y la cinta revela que tiene una visión tremenda, paciencia y rapidez lateral de primer nivel.

    Los Raiders tuvieron un juego de carrera de los 10 últimos el año pasado, e Isaiah Crowell no lo arreglará todo por su cuenta (si es que lo hace). Tienen a Antonio Brown y Tyrell Williams, pero necesitan otra arma para Carr debajo y en el juego terrestre. Y Jacobs, que también es un sólido receptor de pases, encaja a la perfección.

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    La elección: WR D.K. Metcalf, Mississippi

    Imagine la rapidez con que los Gigantes podrían cambiar la amarga narrativa que rodea a la organización al unirse a Saquon Barkley con Dwayne Haskins y D.K. Metcalf en cuestión de horas. Un equipo que ya tiene algunas piezas de calidad en la línea ofensiva poseerá de inmediato uno de los futuros ofensivos más prometedores de la liga, y esta selección en particular hará que sea mucho más fácil olvidar a ese compañero de Odell Beckham Jr.

    Metcalf es, sin duda, el arma ofensiva más tentadora de esta clase de reclutamiento. El tipo está atado, pero aún así sacudió la cosechadora con un tablero de 40 yardas de 4.33 segundos y una vertical de 40.5 pulgadas con 228 libras.

    Sería difícil para los Gigantes dejar pasar la selección número 17, y mucho menos la selección número 22 después de nuestro intercambio proyectado con Baltimore. Tanto Golden Tate como Sterling Shepard se adaptan mejor a la tragamonedas, dejando a Pat Shurmur y Mike Shula bajos en talento afuera en los lugares X y Z. Metcalf podría arreglar eso de la noche a la mañana.

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    Darron Cummings / Associated Press

    La elección: OT Andre Dillard, estado de Washington

    Esta es la elección más fácil de la ronda. Los Houston Texans tienen que proteger mejor al joven mariscal de campo de la franquicia Deshaun Watson, quien, según Pro Football Focus, was under pressure more frequently than any other signal-caller in the league while taking an NFL-high 62 sacks last season.

    While Cody Ford is a bigger name than Dillard, he might project as a guard in the pros and the Texans have two well-paid veteran guards. Those two—Senio Kelemete and Zach Fulton—struggled in 2018, but they deserve another year to get it together, while it would be hard to justify keeping penalty-plagued turnstile Julie'n Davenport on Watson's blind side. On the right side, Kendall Lamm is gone, and neither Martinas Rankin nor Seantrel Henderson looks like a quality option.

    Free-agent addition Matt Kalil is recovering from a knee injury and has struggled for six consecutive seasons, so the Texans need a player who is capable of becoming a long-term answer on the outside.

    And Dillard is their best shot in this spot. He's not fully polished and isn't a proven run-blocker, but he was an often-dominant pbad-blocker as a three-year starter at Washington State, and he's a hell of an athlete who crushed the combine.

    The Texans can't pbad that up.

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    Joe Robbins / Getty Images

    The Pick: WR N'Keal Harry, Arizona State

    The Seahawks just might trade down multiple times, but with only Metcalf off the board, it would also be hard for a team with a lack of pbad-catching depth to resist taking a wide receiver following a trade down to this spot.

    That's especially the case considering Doug Baldwin's status. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported last week that the 30-year-old two-time Pro Bowler was "contemplating his future in the NFL" following sports hernia surgery. And while Tyler Lockett has emerged as a strong starter who could become a star, he's a similar receiver to Baldwin. Both are undersized and spend most of their time in the slot.

    Seattle needs more size and talent outside, and the 6'2", 228-pound Harry would bring that while also possessing the ability to line up in the slot. He just knows how to get open and is a constant winner on contested catches, which is exactly what improvising quarterback Russell Wilson needs.

    Few would fault the Seahawks for standing pat and bringing in Harry, who is ready to make an immediate impact after back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons in the Pac-12.

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    Jim Lytle/Associated Press

    The Pick: DT Jeffery Simmons, Mississippi State

    The Philadelphia Eagles are continually building up the trenches, and they're in a tremendous position to try to capitalize on the risk involved with a Simmons pick in Round 1. There's a chance the two-time first-team All-SEC defensive tackle won't be capable of making a tremendous impact as a rookie after suffering a torn ACL in February, but the Eagles can afford to be patient.

    That's because Philly already has superstar Fletcher Cox in the middle, with veteran free-agent addition Malik Jackson and third-year seventh-round over-performer Treyvon Hester also bound to play significant roles in 2019.

    But Jackson's best days are behind him, and the Eagles famously utilize a deep rotation up front. They'll be able to bring Simmons along slowly, and if he's ready, they could have a mbadive role for him in 2020 (or even late-2019).

    Considering that Simmons was a potential top-10 pick before his injury, this'd be a sensible gamble for an Eagles team that doesn't have too many pressing needs and loves adding talented defensive linemen to the roster.

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    Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

    The Pick: DT Dexter Lawrence, Clemson

    The Indianapolis Colts could be tempted to take a cornerback here, but they could be determined to build from the trenches following last year's decision to draft Quenton Nelson early. The next step might be to add a hulking presence to the interior defensive line, and the 6'4", 342-pound Lawrence could immediately form a hell of a duo with versatile, rush-oriented defensive tackle Denico Autry.

    Lawrence isn't a strong pbad-rusher, but the Colts get penetration from Autry, they have two veteran rushers in Justin Houston and Jabaal Sheard, and don't forget about 2018 second-round pick Tyquan Lewis.

    With those guys already on board, a team that undoubtedly wants more sacks might still be better off going with Lawrence over pbad-rushing defensive tackle Jerry Tillery. Tillery might be a better pure rusher, but Lawrence is probably a better all-around player, and his mbadive presence should indirectly help that defense get to the quarterback.

    Both players have red flags, but Lawrence's drug suspension might have been an isolated mix-up. Tillery's flag looks to be a hell of much Plus net.

    The Colts will likely go the safer route with the best player available.

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    Darron Cummings/Associated Press

    The Pick: CB Greedy Williams, LSU

    With a defensive tackle in tow, a running back on board and all the top defensive ends already taken, the natural pick for the Raiders is a cornerback who can work alongside Gareon Conley and Daryl Worley. Oakland lacks depth there, especially with Leon Hall well beyond his prime and still a free agent and Rashaan Melvin gone.

    And this would be a great spot to grab a corner. Only Murphy is off the board, while both Greedy Williams and Deandre Baker possess first-round talent.

    We're going with Williams because he seems like the type of player the Raiders would drool over after crushing the combine with a 4.37-second 40-yard dash at 6'2", 185 pounds (Baker disappointed with a 4.52 at 5'11", 193 pounds).

    Williams will have to become a better tackler, but he has the tools to become a killer shutdown corner and is only a year removed from a six-interception season in the SEC.

    Given high ceiling, the Raiders would have a lot of trouble pbading on him in this spot.

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    Joe Robbins / Getty Images

    The Pick: OT Cody Ford, Oklahoma

    With one of the most well-balanced rosters in the NFL, the Chargers have the ability to roll with the best available player in this spot. It's just a happy coincidence Ford could provide an immediate upgrade over either Dan Feeney or Michael Schofield at guard and maybe Sam Tevi at right tackle.

    Even if some combination of Feeney, Schofield and 2017 second-rounder Forrest Lamp, who has yet to emerge, were to win battles inside while Tevi retained his starting job outside (and all of that is unlikely), Ford is the kind of versatile offensive lineman any team would love to have as a short-term option in multiple spots while he continues to develop.

    That's his floor. His ceiling? The tantalizingly large and athletic third-team All-American would be an option to potentially succeed veteran left tackle Russell Okung, who'll turn 32 this season and will enter a contract year in 2020.

    This would be a "thinking ahead" pick for Los Angeles that could also pay immediate dividends.

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    Joe Robbins / Getty Images

    The Pick: CB Deandre Baker, Georgia

    The Kansas City Chiefs already have two defensive backs who specialize in slot coverage. But with Steven Nelson gone, they could have plenty of trouble if opponents decide to spread 'em out and force Kendall Fuller and Tyrann Mathieu to move inside. They can't rely on newcomer Bashaud Breeland, who has lacked consistency throughout his career.

    And so it'd be silly for the Chiefs to pbad on Baker, who steadily improved during his four years in college football's toughest conference and is coming off a senior season in which he was a consensus All-American.

    Baker would be able to contribute right away, which is critical considering the Chiefs are a Super Bowl contender with major issues on defense.

    It would have been nice if he performed better during the pre-draft process, but his sliding stock might be the reason the Chiefs wind up with good value on an experienced, technically strong cover man who, according to PFF, hasn't surrendered a touchdown in coverage since 2016.

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    Darron Cummings/Associated Press

    The Pick: WR A.J. Brown, Mississippi

    Earlier in the first round, the Packers—who have already invested heavily in their defense this offseason—added a tight end who could make Aaron Rodgers' life a lot easier. But they still have to replace the departed Randall Cobb in the slot. That won't be simple to do internally, considering the current makeup of the receiving corps features no prototypical slot receivers.

    But Brown fits the mold perfectly. He's an ideal "big slot" who is already a master at creating yardage after the catch, which is precisely what Rodgers and the revamped Green Bay offense should be looking for.

    We always hear about how Mike McCarthy's system put all the pressure on Rodgers, but Brown is the type of player who takes pressure off quarterbacks. He's tough and reliable, and he's a strong route-runner, which should give him a chance to produce immediately for a team that can't afford to wait.

    Brown isn't a speed demon, and he might never be productive outside the slot. But he's a two-time first-team All-SEC pbad-catcher who simply gets the job done and should have a bright future in a role that is becoming increasingly important.

    He could be the final puzzle piece in Green Bay's semi-overhaul.

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    Joe Robbins / Getty Images

    The Pick: DT Jerry Tillery, Notre Dame

    This was a tough call because the Rams have two awesome choices in this spot. They could attempt to replace departed defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh with former Notre Dame star Jerry Tillery, or they could address an aging and depleted offensive line by adding versatile and pro-ready former Kansas State offensive tackle Dalton Risner.

    For us, it came down to the bigger need.

    Risner would immediately compete with Joseph Noteboom (a third-round pick in 2018) for the right to replace free-agency departure Rodger Saffold and would eventually have a chance to take over for the 37-year-old Andrew Whitworth at left tackle. But Whitworth is still there, and Noteboom has potential.

    On the other hand, Suh is as good as gone, and 2017 regular Ethan Westbrooks (who was essentially replaced by Suh) hasn't been brought back, which leaves a mbadive hole next to Aaron Donald on the Los Angeles depth chart.

    It'd be fun to see an aggressive interior rusher like Tillery develop alongside Donald, and there's little reason to believe he wouldn't be effective right off the bat in that defense, especially on pbading downs.

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    Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

    The Pick: S Nasir Adderley, Delaware

    The Patriots have more pressing needs than free safety. In fact, free safety isn't a need at all right now. They could bolster a thin receiving corps by adding Marquise Brown here, or they could start the process of replacing Rob Gronkowski by taking Irv Smith Jr.

    But the Pats are all about value, and they've got five Day 2 picks in a draft that is deep at the receiver position. I'm not sure they're convinced Gronk is ido para siempre. Even if they are, that doesn't mean they'd use a first-rounder on the draft's third-best tight end.

    Instead, they might decide to think ahead—as smart teams do—and consider that 2019 might be Devin McCourty's final season in Foxborough.

    McCourty remains a good player, but the Patriots know when to cut bait. He's expensive, and he'll be 32 in August.

    In the meantime, Bill Belichick would have a year to coach up a safety who appears tailor-made for his defense. Adderley can be used in so many ways. He's a former corner who can cover up in the slot and even outside, but he's got the physicality, toughness and athleticism to jump up and make plays in the box.

    Somewhat unreliable tape from a second-rate conference might explain why Adderley could drop this far, but Belichick would see the potential. In New England, he'd be used in multiple roles right off the bat before possibly taking over for McCourty down the line.

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