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    The big day (s) are approaching.

    Starting on April 25 in Nashville, a new crop of more than 250 rookies will enter the pros when the 2019 NFL draft is made. As is the case in so many years, as we get closer to the day of the draft, there are many more questions than answers about who goes where.

    Will the Arizona Cardinals take a quarterback in the top 10 for the second year in a row by selecting Oklahoma No. 1 Kyler Murray in general?

    In a draft clbad full of talent on the defensive side of the ball, how many pbading players will take us into the top 10?

    Who will be the first players chosen at the corner and the offensive tackle, a pair of premium positions without a first-level prospect in 2019?

    And will one of the clubs in need of NFL QB sign an agreement to move up the recruitment board and take the call sign they want?

    This drill strives to answer all those questions, including the last one.

    The answer is "yes", and it will not take long.

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    Wilfredo Lee / Associated Press

    Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

    There have been more than a few tea leaves connecting Murray and the Cardinals for some time. And as Sam Hellman wrote for 247Sports, Adam Schefter of ESPN said in Get up! that the rumor will only increase after Murray visited the team last week.

    "There was no way the Arizona Cardinals would not be impressed with their meeting with Kyler Murray in Arizona on Wednesday," Schefter said. "They had dinner with him the night before, obviously there is a story there, you have Kliff Kingsbury, who is in love with Kyler Murray, we know that for quite some time, Kliff Kingsbury's agent, Erik Burkhardt, also happens to represent Kyler Murray. So they have the same agent, there's a lot in common here, but this is a big decision. "

    It's a bold move to select a quarterback in the top 10 of the NFL draft two years in a row. And selecting the winner of the 2018 Heisman Trophy would mean the end of the Josh Rosen era before it really began.

    But Murray's athletic advantage is undeniable, and given his seemingly tailor-made form in the Kingsbury offense, he could drastically accelerate the rebuilding in the desert.

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    L.G. Patterson / Associated Press

    Drew Lock, QB, Missouri

    This hypothetical trade would be costly: a promotion from No. 10 to No. 2 would cost John Elway and the Broncos their first round selection in 2020. Maybe more.

    But it is also a possibility.

    We know it because after seeing the great Missouri quarterback Drew Lock in a regular season game and in the January Senior Bowl, Elway is "beaten"with the 6 & # 39; 4", 228 pounds, by Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post.

    We know that while the Broncos acquired Joe Flacco earlier this offseason, the 34-year-old is, at best, a short-term solution. Given that Flacco has played in the past two seasons, it may not be a better short-term solution than Case Keenum.

    We know there is no shortage of teams seeking the quarterback's help this year and that the New York Jets are open to returning from number 3.

    We know that while moving to Nick Bosa would not be easy for San Francisco, the team already has a ton of project capital and a salary tied to the defensive line.

    And we know that these two franchises have coaching and office connections and have a track record, whether it's the 49ers general manager, John Lynch, who plays in Denver or the previous dealings and deals in the draft.

    In two of the last four drafts, the first two selections have been field marshals. Do not discard it this year.

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    Jay LaPrete / Associated Press

    Nick Bosa, EDGE, State of Ohio

    If the first two picks in the NFL 2019 draft develop in this way, then New York Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan will probably pull a hamstring race to the podium to make the selection.

    This is, without a doubt, the dream scenario for Gang Green.

    The Jets have an obvious need in defense: help off the edge. And to say that Nick Bosa of Ohio State would help the team in that sense is a lulu of underestimation.

    The only thing that keeps Bosa from 6 & # 39; 4 "and 266 pounds going to No. 1 at the Arizona Cardinals is the positional importance of quarterbacks, Bosa may not have the speed or athleticism of his big brother Joey, but it is stronger and more technically sound.

    As someone who watched each career of the college careers of both players, I think the younger Bosa is an NFL prospect slightly better than the Bosa major in 2016.

    Nick would be the best pbad rider on the Jets' list from the moment he entered the league.

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    Bryan Woolston / Associated Press

    Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky

    After finishing the 2018 season the last in the NFL in catches with only 13 (fewer than seven players individually) and not tackling the pressure of pbades in free agency, the Raiders should prioritize help at the edge.

    Losing Bosa with a single selection could sting a bit.

    But Josh Allen of Kentucky is a decent consolation prize.

    After choosing to stay in Kentucky for his senior season, Allen's 6 & # 39; 5 "and 262 pounds responded by exploding in 17 sacks en route to being named SEC Defensive Player of the Year. He also accumulated 88 total tackles, 21.5 tackles for Loss and five forced fumbles.

    Yes, that is correct. Allen had more catches in only 13 games than Oakland had as a team in 16.

    Quinnen Williams, Alabama's defensive lineman, would be tempting here, but getting help off the edge is a must for the Raiders at the start of this draft.

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    Brynn Anderson / Associated Press

    Quinnen Williams, DL, Alabama

    As the slides on the day of the draft go, Williams' would be short.

    Quinnen Williams of Alabama is widely considered to be one of the best general prospects in this clbad. As Joe Marino wrote for Draft Network, almost the only thing missing in the 6 & # 39; 3 "and 303-pound game is the ability to jump tall buildings in a single boundary.

    "Quinnen Williams presents the same trait toolbox that we have seen in other recent defensive linemen in Alabama, but who have reached another level across the board," he wrote. "He dominates with a rare combination of speed, power, flexibility, processing and technical skills that prepare him for a sensational career as a standout player."

    Some simulated drafts make Williams the No. 1 overall to the Arizona Cardinals. With the Buccaneers advancing to a single gap, attacking a 3-4-base defense under new coordinator Todd Bowles, Williams could end up in base sets and then kick in in sub-packages …

    Making havoc all the time.

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    Rusty Costanza / Associated Press

    Devin White, ILB, LSU

    Not long ago, almost everyone in the community draft thought that the New York Giants were going to be a quarterback at No. 6 overall. Most thought it would be Dwayne Haskins of Ohio State.

    But Haskins' actions have fallen lately, and Giants general manager Dave Gettleman recently gave Eli Manning a vote of confidence, leading to a new school of thought that the Giants will not take a quarterback. in number 6.

    Most of the draftniks that have gone from being the Giants quarterback are now focused on the defensive front. It is a movement that makes sense given the needs of New York there.

    However, if things are shaken like this, there is another work that does even more.

    A year ago, the Giants traded for inside linebacker Alec Ogletree, who was mediocre at best in his first season with the team. After an outstanding career in LSU and an amazing performance in the combined, Devin White is easily the best prospect in the position this year.

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    Phelan M. Ebenhack / Associated Press

    Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida

    The Jacksonville Jaguars already addressed the greatest perceived need on the list by signing free quarterback Nick Foles with a four-year, $ 88 million deal.

    Now the priority is to make sure that Foles stays in one piece.

    After losing a second-round pick at Alabama's Cam Robinson in 2017, the Jaguars will surely expect him to recover enough from the torn ACL that cost him 14 games last season to stop the blind side of Foles. The correct place for the tackle, on the other hand, is a question mark.

    Jawaan Taylor, from Florida, could answer that question emphatically. The long arm, 6 "5", 312 pounds, is a clbadic right tackle prospect, big and powerful, may not have the speed to become a star in left tackle, but has the physical tools to start The strong side of the Jacksonville offense.

    Taylor may not be the best player available in general in this place, but he would cover a great need.

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    Paul Sancya / Associated Press

    Rashan Gary, EDGE, Michigan

    The Detroit Lions have already invested heavily in the defensive line this offseason, which gives Trey Flowers a five-year, $ 90 million contract as a replacement for Ezequiel Ansah.

    However, flowers arriving in the city are not a solution for the Detroit D line. So it's time for some local help here.

    The production of Rashan Gary never reached its potential at the University of Michigan. But as Michigan DC Don Brown he told the NFL networkGary has the physical tools and work ethic to become a star.

    "Well, this is an exceptional man as a person," he said. "He really is a fun guy to train in. You like guys when they have top-level talent, elite talents, but you work extremely hard.You never had to ask Rashan to leave." In fact, in some cases, you would ask to reduce speed, but it's a unique talent, that's for sure, and a great young man, so [he’s] lots of fun to be close "

    That is a choice that fans would love to simply put ice on the cake.

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    Mitchell Layton / Getty Images

    Ed Oliver, DT, Houston

    This is one of the first "crossroads" selections in this draft. The Bills could go in several directions. They have needs that could be covered both in the defensive line and in the offensive, and there are quality players available who could satisfy them.

    Decisions decisions.

    It is the player among those options that has the highest ceiling that could receive the call.

    Houston defensive tackle, Ed Oliver, is not a finished product in any way. But as Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News ESPN believes Todd McShay believes that if things break in the right way in a few years, we could consider the 6 & # 39; 2 ", 287 pounds, as one of the robberies of the 2019 draft.

    "If he has developed correctly, he has the opportunity to be one of the two or three best players in this draft clbad," said McShay. "Anywhere after choosing three or four, I do not think it's a scope for Ed Oliver."

    Goodbye, Kyle Williams. Hi, Ed Oliver.

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    Jim Lytle / Associated Press

    Montez Sweat, EDGE, State of Mississippi

    Yes, in this scenario, the San Francisco 49ers would have pbaded the best thrower of the 2019 draft in Nick Bosa.

    However, the commercial exchange would give the 49ers an additional first round in 2020.

    And taking Montez Sweat here would be like John Lynch having his cake and eating it too.

    This does not mean that Sweat is Bosa's perspective. But after accumulating 53 tackles, 14 tackles for loss and 11.5 sacks for the Bulldogs in 2018, Sweat spent the draft season opening his eyes to draftniks and scouts. He was one of the best defensive players in the practices in the Senior Bowl and shined in the combine, including a 401 second run of 4.41 seconds in 6 & # 39; 6 "and 260 pounds.

    By getting both an advanced athlete and an extra first-round pick, Lynch and the 49ers would become one of Day 1's biggest winners.

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    Jae C. Hong / Associated Press

    Dwayne Haskins, QB, State of Ohio

    This is a choice that will make some fans in Queen City happy and others angry.

    It does not matter to the teams that are right behind the Bengals that they can have their eyes on the 6 & # 39; 3 ", 231 pounds after Haskins fired the Big Ten with the amount of 50 touchdown pbades in 2018.

    As Geoff Hobson wrote for the Bengals' website, new head coach Zac Taylor gave a vote of confidence to starting quarterback Andy Dalton at the end of March.

    "I have full confidence in our field marshal," Taylor said. "Andy has won many games in this league, and I'm excited, if I had been healthy all season, I would have been excited to see what he did last year, healthy for all the games." I'm excited to work with Andy, and I believe in He is the right man for what we want to do. "

    However, Adam Schefter of ESPN said in Get up! (via 247Sports) that there is a "growing talk" that the Bengals are looking for a successor for the 31 year old.

    A state star that could sit behind Dalton in 2019 might be too good to pbad up.

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    Doug McSchooler / Associated Press

    T.J. Hockenson, TE, Iowa

    The Green Bay Packers are coming out of their worst season in a decade. The positive side of his terrible season is having a pick in the top 12.

    Given the other needs of the Pack (including the wide receiver and the offensive line), it may seem strange to imagine Green Bay using the high selection in a tight end, especially with Jimmy Graham still on the list.

    But make no mistake: with a healthy Aaron Rodgers back, the Packers are in the "win now" mode. Green Bay wants players who can contribute from the moment they arrive at Titletown.

    And the T.J. from Iowa. Hockenson fits that peak perfectly.

    It's been a good time since we saw a tight end perspective as complete as Hockenson entering the NFL. The 6 & # 39; 5 ", 251 pounds, is so comfortable when pbading through the seam while you are running over the defenders like a race blocker.

    Hockenson would be a welcome addition, and an immediate collaborator.

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    Michael Woods / Associated Press

    Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama

    The Houston Texans have a dazzling and dominating need that rises above all others: improving an offensive line that allowed a total of 62 sacks in the NFL in 2018.

    As such, waiving selection number 23, one of his consecutive selections in the second round and a selection of Day 3 to a team of Dolphins that seeks to accumulate selections when starting a reconstruction on the ground would be an easy sale if that meant adding to the Many players consider the best prospect of left tackle in the clbad of 2019.

    Many draftniks have 6 & # 39; 4 ", with 302 pounds of tabulator as guard, but according to Justin Melo of Draft Wire, Williams is confident that he can take care of the blind side of professionals just as he did in Alabama.

    "Not only do I feel like I'm a tackle, but I'm the best tackle in this draft," Williams said. "I think I've proven it, I'm not a guy who wants to talk about this and beat my chest about what I'm capable of. I feel like my tape has shown it in my career here in Alabama."

    I will not argue with a boy of that size.

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    Brett Deering / Getty Images

    Cody Ford, OT / OG, Oklahoma

    The Atlanta Falcons struggled last year in both the blocking of careers and the protection of pbades, the struggles that contributed to the team going 7-9 and losing the playoffs.

    Updating the interior of the offensive line is a priority for the Falcons in 2019, and while it is true that the edge advantage is even greater, an early run in that position could send Atlanta to perfection.

    And right on offensive mammoth lineman Cody Ford of Oklahoma.

    As a Norman tackle, Ford is as athletic as he is mbadive: a 6'4 "mountain, 329 pounds from a man who should be able to kick in and immediately contribute on guard.

    It is not so often that the size of a Ford lineman appears who also has the wheels to fit into the Atlanta zone blocking scheme.

    The Falcons should take the opportunity to add it in an effort to improve a ground attack that achieved only 98.3 yards per game in 2018, 27th in the league.

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    Wesley Hitt / Getty Images

    D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss

    No, he is not a field marshal.

    Maybe it's because the Redskins will be the team that makes a deal for Josh Rosen of Arizona. Maybe it's because Washington will keep hoping that Alex Smith can resume his career at some point.

    In any case, whether Smith, Rosen, Case Keenum or someone else in the center of the nation's capital, unless the Redskins improve the weapons at their disposal, the quarterback is set to fail. The wide body of Washington is currently Josh Doctson, Paul Richardson and a lot of "who?"

    D.K. Ole Miss's Metcalf has been moving up in draft tables since installing a clinic on the combine: it has a combination of size (6 "3", a chisel of 228 pounds) and speed (4.33 seconds 40) that does not appears every day

    Metcalf is not a finished product, but if it comes to realize its immense potential, it could be a star.

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    Lachlan Cunningham / Getty Images

    Clelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson

    The Carolina Panthers have long been known for possessing a deep and talented defensive line. But the wear has taken its toll on that line, especially on the edge. With due respect to veterans Mario Addison and Bruce Irvin, in 15 combined seasons of the NFL, the pair has combined for a single season of 10 sacks.

    That need (and a clbad full of adventurers) makes Carolina one of the teams most likely to trade in Round 1 this year. But even if the Panthers are up to the task, there should be a couple of options available in 16.

    Clemson's Clelin Ferrell does not have the athletic advantage of some of the pbad brokers who have already left the board, but the 6 & # 39; 4 ", 264 pounds, is technically sound and was highly productive at the university level, accumulating 21 sacks and 37.5 tackles for losses in the last two seasons.

    It would give Carolina the depth needed from the start and the challenge for a job in a fairly short time.

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    Lance King / Getty Images

    Daniel Jones, QB, Duke

    New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman has long insisted he is not pigeon-holeing the G-Men to take a quarterback at No. 6, but he admitted that it's likely that at some point of this draft the team will be seen in the future of the position.

    With only one of the "Big Four" of this year's draft clbad remaining on the board here, that time is chosen No. 17, and the player is Daniel Jones of Duke.

    By Mike Kaye of, Senior Bowl Executive Director Jim Nagy believes that Jones's similar skills and familiarity with Eli Manning of their time together in the David Cutcliffe QB camp makes 6 & # 39; 5 ", 221 pounds, a natural successor of Eli.

    "I think it would be a very good quarterback room the first year," he said. "Eli can play and Daniel can sit behind him and he would be very good in the room, I think it would be great, then with the transition, if Daniel is selected to be the successor, we talk about a very similar skill. Daniel gives you more as an athlete with the ability to take off when he needs it, I think it would be a great fit for both sides. "

    Nagy has a point.

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    Jennifer Stewart / Getty Images

    Andre Dillard, OT, Washington State

    There is no team in the NFL with more pressure to produce a quick change in 2019 than the Minnesota Vikings, who missed the 2018 playoffs.

    The offensive line game of poor quality was one of the main causes of that enormously disappointing season. The Vikings have already considered kicking Riley Reiff inside, which would open a hole on the blind side of $ 28 million (per season) from quarterback Kirk Cousins.

    Andre Dillard, from Washington State, is an agile three-year, three-inch, 315-pound starter who showed more agility and athleticism in both the Senior Bowl and the NFL Scouting Combine. After playing in WSU, his career blocking needs refinement. , but it may be the smartest pbad protector for the NFL in its clbad.

    That is exactly what Cousins ​​and the Vikings need.

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    Don Juan Moore / Getty Images

    Brian Burns, EDGE, State of Florida

    The Titans could go some directions in the No. 19 in general. The team could add a tight end to succeed Delanie Walker. Update a dubious box of wideouts. Trade down and storage selections.

    But even in a draft clbad loaded with first-round edge pitchers, the talent pool will eventually dry up. And with veterans Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan, the Titans need to add another talented pbad rusher to pair with second-year pro Harold Landry.

    Brian Burns, of Florida State, is a skinny, thin, 6 & 39; 5 "and 249 pounds, tailored to get out of the rim like a career linebacker on a three-man front as the Titans run. CBS Sports sees it as an almost perfect fit.

    "The Titans began to intelligently build for the future of their big lead in the last draft by taking Harold Landry, and now they give him a running mate with Brian Orakpo retiring and Derrick Morgan as a free agent," he wrote. "There's no question about what you bring Burns to do: chase the quarterback, he's an ideal player for a team of 3-4 in size, but his explosiveness will make it difficult for everyone to handle, except for offensive tackles. more athletic. "

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    Joe Robbins / Getty Images

    Devin Bush, ILB, Michigan

    It's been a tough year for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They lost the playoffs, the Le & # 39; Veon Bell retired due to a contract dispute, and wide receiver Antonio Brown had a contentious dispute with the organization.

    This level of dysfunction is very similar to that of Pittsburgh.

    There's nothing the Steelers can do now, but move forward and start filling the needs on the list. The position of inside linebacker has been one since Ryan Shazier got hurt, and while the Steelers added Mark Barron in free agency, the former safety player is coming out of one of the worst seasons of his career in the NFL.

    Weighing in at 5''11 "and 234 pounds, Devin Bush of Michigan is a bit small for a traditional inside linebacker in the NFL, but we are seeing more and more small linebackers prosper as professionals, provided they have the rank to be Forces from side to side.

    With a speed of 4.43 seconds, Bush surely does.

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    Jonathan Bachman / Getty Images

    Greedy Williams, CB, LSU

    Once you reach the second half of the first round, trying to forecast a draft becomes almost impossible. For each selection with an obvious fit (such as Brian Burns to Tennessee or Devin Bush to Pittsburgh), there is another in which several players make sense.

    That is the case of Seattle. But if the draft were played this way, the Seahawks would have a hard time not tackling high school, since the team would have their pick of the best prospects this year as a cornerback.

    During the Pete Carroll era, the Seahawks have shown an affinity for larger corners: guys with ungainly edges capable of lifting the receivers and aiming the ball. With 6 & # 39; 2 ", Greedy Williams of LSU certainly meets your criteria.

    It is true that it is a bit strange that Williams did not have a single previous visit to the draft. But with loads of movies to watch him play in the SEC and 40 seconds of 4.37 seconds in the combine, teams like the Seahawks can feel that Williams is a known product, in a good way.

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    Wesley Hitt / Getty Images

    A.J. Brown, WR, Ole Miss

    Get ready to get carried away by the biggest secret of the NFL 2019 draft: the Baltimore Ravens need the help of a wide receiver.

    I know. You're knocked down Take a moment to pick yourself up.

    Some fans will wonder why A.J. Ole Miss Brown listed here and not Oklahoma burner Marquise Brown. It's time to let Lance Zierlein's scouting report on declare my case for the former rebel:

    "The fan of slot machines with a rare combination of muscle strength and speed that allows you to separate with both the power and foot speed." Brown has the size and behavior to take on a relatively heavy workload as a safety blanket. for a young quarterback in a pbad attack with ball control "You will see an improvement in the athlete in front of him, but he has his feet and body control to discover and create windows as a premium route runner".

    That part of control of the ball is the key, as is the size of this brown (6 ", 0", 226 lbs) in relation to the other (5 "9", 166 lbs).

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    Jamie Schwaberow / Getty Images

    Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson

    If the 2019 draft develops in this way, Miami general manager Chris Grier will be making televised car wheels. The Dolphins would not only add an additional second-round pick in their projected trade with Houston, but a mini-slide would put potential lineman D on his return to No. 23.

    Christian Wilkins is not particularly explosive on the field, but 6 "3", 315 pounds, is a disruptive force with impressive short-range speed for a man of his size, and he has experience playing with both the defensive end base sets as with tackle in subpacks. -Experience that will warm the badles of new head coach Brian Flores, who led several fronts in New England.

    The reconstruction of Miami will begin in the trenches, or at least it should. The Dolphins need all the help they can get on the defensive front now that Cameron Wake, Andre Branch and Robert Quinn are no longer on the list.

    Bringing Wilkins here would mean Christmas in April for Miami.

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    Otto Greule Jr / Getty Images

    Byron Murphy, CB, Washington

    More than any other team, the Raiders are positioned to drastically redo their draft list thanks to a trio of first-round picks.

    Of course, they have to be right in those selections, especially in defense.

    Michael Renner, of Pro Football Focus, believes that Murphy would be a star here, promoting 5 & # 39; 11 ", 190 pounds as one of the top 10 overall prospects, while pointing to the Raiders as a good schematic fit:

    "Area coverage has a lot more to do with how fast, instinctual and reaction time than size, length or speed, which is why Murphy's 4.55 40-yard dash in the combine is not terribly Worrying for me, two of the best corners in the game area "In recent years, Josh Norman (4.66) and Casey Hayward (4.57), ran 40s slower than Murphy in the combined. The elite recovered those 1/10 of a second with the speed with which they process the combinations of routes ".

    They are two defensive holders (and possible creators of differences) until now.

    Could General Manager Mike Mayock make three in a few elections?

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    Jonathan Bachman / Getty Images

    Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss

    If this selection is an indication, the value in the first round is at the back end. Playoff teams like the Philadelphia Eagles will have the opportunity to add players who can not only help, but who do so immediately.

    The Eagles (in theory) have greater needs than the left tackle. But look a little deeper, and the blind side is a potential problem area. Jason Peters managed to overcome 16 games last season, but asking the 37-year-old to do so for the second year in a row can be a tempting fate. Even if he does, the Eagles need to find his apparent heir soon.

    Ole Little's Greg Little is a 6-foot-5, 310-pound clbadic left tackle prospect with all that the NFL teams covet in the position: length, strength and athleticism. of professional experience

    As the tutors go, you could do much worse than a Pro Bowler nine times in Peters.

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    Jennifer Stewart / Getty Images

    N & # 39; Keal Harry, WR, State of Arizona

    Fresh out of a season that saw one of the biggest changes in recent memory, the Indianapolis Colts are heading to the draft as a team without many obvious holes. However, they need a broad receiver to complement T.Y. Hilton

    This is another potential landing site for Marquise Brown of Oklahoma. But in this particular draft, Hollywood slips due to concerns about a light frame that sees him bill under 170 pounds and a foot injury that harbaded him this offseason.

    The Colts already have a quick vertical threat at Hilton. What Andrew Luck needs now is a great body pbad receiver who can outpace the muscular defensive and offer a back goal in the red zone.

    With 6 & # 39; 2 "and 228 pounds, coming off a 2018 season that saw him haul 73 pbades for 1,088 yards and nine touchdowns (his second consecutive 1,000-yard season), N & # 39; Keal Harry of the State of Arizona would be a good option.

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    Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

    Jaylon Ferguson, EDGE, Louisiana Tech

    Y entonces, había tres. Defensores, eso es.

    Unos pocos jugadores ofensivos tendrían sentido para Oakland, ya sea un liniero como Kaleb McGary o incluso el corredor de Alabama Josh Jacobs. Pero con Isaiah Crowell en el redil, los Raiders pueden esperar hasta el Día 2 para dirigirse al backfield.

    La falta de pases del equipo, que no existe, sigue siendo una gran necesidad, incluso después de que agregó a Josh Allen al principio de la ronda. Así que un nuevo compañero de batería para Allen es.

    Decir que Jaylon Ferguson pasó mucho tiempo en oponerse a los backfields mientras que en Louisiana Tech es una subestimación; más de un tercio de sus tackles de carrera fueron por pérdidas. El 6'5 ", 271 libras, también tuvo 45 capturas alucinantes durante su carrera universitaria.

    Ningún jugador en la historia de la NCAA tiene más.

    Las preocupaciones fuera del campo y una presentación regular en su día profesional son razones legítimas para hacer una pausa, pero muchos indican que Ferguson puede ser un factor decisivo en la NFL si se suscribe a la escuela de pensamiento de "la cinta no miente".

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    Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

    Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame

    Con Joey Bosa y Melvin Ingram III, los Cargadores de Los Angeles tienen uno de los mejores dos golpes en el ala defensiva en toda la NFL. Pero el interior de esa línea es otra historia, especialmente después de la probable salida de Corey Liuget, que sigue siendo un agente libre.

    Introduzca Notre Dame's Jerry Tillery.

    Tillery es un largo y explosivo jugador de 6'6 "y 295 libras que le dijo a Adam Rittenberg de ESPN que tiene la mira puesta a nivel de la NFL:

    "No solo quiero llegar a la NFL, quiero ser el mejor en eso. Obviamente, esta es una buena clase de línea defensiva. No quiero estar solo entre ellos. Quiero ser el mejor". allá afuera, el mejor de esta liga. Quiero hacer un Pro Bowl, quiero ganar un Super Bowl, quiero usar la chaqueta dorada algún día. Quiero ser genial ".

    Tengo la sensación de que los Chargers estarían bien con eso.

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    Ric Tapia / Associated Press

    DeAndre Baker, CB, Georgia

    Esto sería algo así como un escenario de pesadilla para los Jefes, quienes intercambiaron a Dee Ford y lanzaron a Justin Houston en la temporada baja, una primera ronda llena de aventureros que son atrapados antes de que el equipo elija el No. 29.

    Sin embargo, son los descansos.

    En lugar de buscar un corredor de pases aquí, los Jefes deberían agregar una pieza a un backfield defensivo que necesita ayuda tanto como la carrera de pases.

    Como informó D. Orlando Ledbetter para la Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionEl esquinero de Georgia, Deandre Baker, tiene una opinión sobre quién es el mejor jugador en su posición en esta clase del draft: el esquinero de Georgia Deandre Baker.

    "Sé que soy el mejor esquinero en el draft", dijo.

    El 5'11 ", 193 libras, no está solo en esa evaluación. Baker fue el ganador del Premio Jim Thorpe en 2018 como el mejor defensivo en el fútbol universitario. Junto con Kendall Fuller y el recién llegado Bashaud Breeland, le daría a los Jefes un trío de entrantes en la esquina que es más que útil.

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    Jonathan Bachman / Getty Images

    Johnathan Abram, S, estado de Mississippi

    Como se mencionó anteriormente, los Packers son una rareza: un equipo de la NFL que viene de una mala temporada y que con razón cree que ahora es el momento de ganar. Podrían elegir aquí con miras al futuro (por ejemplo, un tackle ofensivo que podría desempeñar un papel de "swing" en 2019). Pero lo más probable es que busquen agregar jugadores que puedan ayudar al equipo a competir en la NFC Norte de inmediato.

    Y al igual que el ala cerrada de Iowa T.J. Hockenson (el pick en el No. 12), Johnathan Abram del estado de Mississippi puede hacer eso. Es una mejora clara sobre Josh Jones con una gran seguridad.

    Abram no solo es un bateador castigador que puede jugar con un apoyador de níquel, que sería bienvenido en Titletown dado el inestable cuerpo de apoyadores del equipo, sino que su carrera de 40 yardas de 4,45 segundos en la cosechadora mostró el tipo de ruedas que los fuertes y modernos dispositivos de seguridad necesitan para prosperar En la NFL de hoy.

    Dos selecciones. Dos entrantes.

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    Grant Halverson / Getty Images

    Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson

    Ndamukong ¿Quién?

    After Ndamukong Suh spent one season in L.A. and played relatively well in an ill-fitting role as a one-technique tackle in defensive coordinator Wade Phillips' 3-4 scheme, the Rams are in the market for a new space-clogger to man the nose.

    And man oh man, can Clemson's Dexter Lawrence clog a running lane.

    The 6'4", 342-pounder is more than just a big body, though. He moves well for a player his size, piling up 36 total tackles and seven tackles for loss in Clemson's march to the national title last year. That a nose tackle earned universal consideration as a Day 1 prospect at all is a testament to just how promising a player Lawrence is.

    It's also possible the Rams would consider a guard here to replace the departed Rodger Saffold, but some promising interior linemen such as Texas A&M's Erik McCoy and Ohio State's Michael Jordan (the other one) may be available when L.A.'s next pick rolls around.

    That makes stopping Lawrence's draft-day slide an immensely easy call.

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    Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

    Dalton Risner, OT, Kansas State

    It's possible—likely, even—that the Patriots will swing a draft-day trade here. It may be to move up or to slide out of Round 1 altogether. The Pats play more Let's Make a Deal than Monty Hall and Wayne Brady put together.

    But if New England does stand pat and make a pick, one available player both fills a need and is tailor-made for head coach Bill Belichick and "The Patriot Way."

    After Trent Brown bolted for Oakland in free agency, a hole opened at left tackle in New England. The hope is that second-year pro Isaiah Wynn can step into that void. But Wynn missed his entire rookie season, and depth on the offensive front is an issue even if he is up to the task.

    Kansas State's Dalton Risner isn't the most athletic tackle prospect in this year's clbad. But the 6'5", 312-pounder is technically sound, tough as nails and shined at the Senior Bowl in January. He also has experience playing both tackle and center.

    At the very least, he could essentially be a "super sub" capable of filling in just about anywhere on the Patriots' offensive line.

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