Sims 4 new stuff pack features heavy metal weave

On forums and social media, some Sims fans are wondering: why with a heavy metal station The sims 4Nifty Knitting Luggage Pack? Most people do not match both. I can see why. Weaving is often seen as a solitary, quiet hobby … and metal is metal – loud and sharp. But developer Maxis put them together for the new pack released today.

And no, this is not a coincidence. According to the developers, Sims listens to the metal radio station while weaving, a bonus will be found on the craft. It also really makes sense, if you know. The addition of the metal station in the Knitting Stuff Pack is a nod to Finland’s Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship, a wacky event that began last year.

As it turns out, both metal and weave are huge in Finland. Twenty-six bands – with a weaving lead – applied for the championship. Twelve bands from eight countries made it to the finals, each leading a weave that had to be woven during the performance. The footage of the incident certainly does not disappoint. Unfortunately, a followup event was canceled in 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. The 2020 Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships were scheduled to be held in Finland this month – so it’s fitting that the event now pays tribute Sims 4.

“We want to do this The sims 4 For a while and is looking for different opportunities to do so, ” The sims 4 Sound designer Drew Bolles said on the stage of the game earlier this year. “At first glance, a packet focused on knitting may sound like an odd choice, but when we heard about the heavy metal weaving competition last year in Finland, we knew it was actually a perfect fit.”

Although Sims can play air guitar while listening to a metal radio station, they can can not do Actually knitting while playing air guitar, like in a heavy metal weaving contest. While listening to the station, there is not much about blind changes, but know that it is affecting your Sims projects.

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