Simply missing the brick from the Samsung Galaxy S21 box will not be the only task

Apple iPhones no longer ship with chargers and earphones, and Report after report has suggested that A. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series will also be sold without these accessories.
Most of these leaks were centered on the power brick and there was still some hope that the earphones would remain. One As leaked, it has been said that the new phones will come with the upcoming Galaxy Buds Beyond / Pro. Well, that seems unlikely.

For starters, leaker Roland Quandt has already stated that the Galaxy S21 will be sold without chargers, covers and headphones.

A now-deleted tweet by leaker Ishan Aggarwal indicates accordingly. GSM Arena. Although this scoop is about the UK-bound model, this possibility applies to all areas.

Samsung was quick to hit Apple hard when it announced its environmentally friendly decision. The South Korean colony is now trying to cover its tracks Deleting social media posts mocking Apple, forgetting what happens on the Internet, remains on the Internet.
a Filings made in Brazil have also confirmed that the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra will be sold without a charger.
In the box, you’ll probably find a USB-C to USB-C cable. To soften the blow, Samsung hopes to launch a new Galaxy S21 series phones with 30W brick which will be less than its 25W charger.

Will Samsung Go the Apple Way or the Xiaomi Way?

Samsung will probably try to make decisions under the guise of environmental protection.

Especially after Xiaomi’s recent move, consumers will have a difficult time. With the new Mi 11 series, the Chinese company has also done away with the charger as an environmental measure, but its decision does not sound like a money grab.

This is because Xiaomi will Selling two versions, one without charger and one as bundle with a 55W GaN wired charger, and both cost the same.
It remains to be seen whether Samsung will do something similar, although this is not very likely. At the end of the day, Apple has gotten away with the move, and if anything, the iPhone 12 appears Doing quite well

Thus, if Samsung decides to sell chargers and earphones separately, most consumers will whistle for more than a few days, and before long, it will likely become an industry-wide trend.

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