Silent Melania Trump points to end of her husband’s term

Trump tweeted through his official account, “To all those who have asked, I will not go to the inauguration on January 20.”

Many in the White House were certainly hearing the president’s views on this important and historic issue for the first time – according to a senior White House staffer, also his wife.

Until that tweet, a White House staffer said, Melania Trump was not 100% sure whether she was going to Biden’s inauguration, or not.

“This is not the first time she has learned what she was doing because she tweeted it before telling her,” said the source, who has delivered news about the first lady based on Trump’s mood, which There is something very important about his schedule. That special day.

Like many, the staff was also clear that she did not have sympathy for the first lady on the program with the tweet.

The source said, “She is part of it. She may be silent, but she is part of it.”

Melania Trump and adult Trump children escape headlines after one of the country's darkest days

“This is the complexity of the president’s recent activities, denial of his detriment, provoking provocations with lies and conspiracy theories, and an insult to an official role. The outgoing first lady has not valued anything because the weeks of her term Have come close. According to a source familiar with her activities, she has not set up an office to continue her stage in the White-House years. Nor has she helped onboarding the first lady Jill Biden – With whom he still has not made contact, the source said.

Trump made a controversial statement about the events of last Wednesday, in addition to packing up the White House, serving as the first woman on her time photo album and shooting photoshoots of rugs and decorative items Happened after

Kate Anderson Brown, author of “First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies,” says, “Never been the first woman to be as stubborn and defiant as Melania Trump.” “I think she is digging. I think she has seen her husband’s fury and is obviously not interested in playing the traditional role of the first lady, who is trying to unify and calm the country in times of crisis.” Wants to do. ”

Instead, she is standing by the president, something she has not always done before the time of the turmoil. In her Monday morning statement, Trump did not mention her husband’s name, nor did she indicate that she should get a quota of responsibility for the insured.

Instead, she appeared in this new pick up parts of old statements and speeches, and added herself to a para painting as the victim of constant criticism of a former staff member. Trump’s inclusive manner has, at times, churned the public’s curiosity as to how his alliance with the president is, especially when he is being criticized. The sword in his hand, the steely vision and the frequent outbreaks of free thought created a possible scenario for her husband’s critics that perhaps he did not like her, or did not like her either.

But if the last few weeks have proved anything, it is that she will make the most alliance with the president.

“She understands her husband and what he stands for, and it simply doesn’t bother her,” Brown said. “She is not a victim and she will not leave the White House apologizing for her husband’s behavior.”

Trump ‘not sad to leave’

Melania Trump's;  Just want to go home

As the president publicly raided the election, fraudulently claiming that it was rigged and clinging to the false hope of staying in the White House, his wife was packing her things to go out, many sources Says those who have seen Trump’s activities in late November.

The first lady is now doing more than half the work of shipping goods as well as mar-a-lago or storage, which oversees bit-by-bit for the week. Staff at the residence have had to help with the semi-clandestine operation, which facilitates packing logistics without increasing the president’s ire, who genuinely believed he would stay.

Residence staff remain in their roles through multiple administrations. It doesn’t matter who the president is, it only matters that they represent the US presidency.

“They are the most patriotic people I’ve ever met,” said Browner, whose first book was “The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House.” “They are moving forward with the move, but they had to reduce some of it because they (President) don’t want to upset Trump.”

Melania Trump’s pace of being packed and ready to go also indicates her desire to be done with Washington and the dramatic highs and lows of the last four years.

Giving information about Trump’s mood, a White House official said, “(Melania Trump) is not sad to leave.”

It is a place she is different from her husband – she desperately wants to stay, she is calm with leaving.

“Pat Nixon is the most recent example, I can think of the first woman who compares to Melania Trump at all,” Brown said, but perhaps only in circumstance, not action.

“As the uproar occurred at Watergate, Pat Nixon spent a lot of time in the lonely room of his residence. But Butler brought him breakfast and often he only drank coffee. People around him were worried about his health because it was obvious That Watergate was taking. A toll and she was losing her weight, “said the author.

Buckling tradition

Melania Trump lost her life, but did not blame the president for the capital riot

Those who have been around Trump in the past two weeks have not noted a significant shift to isolation and misery, in fact it was Trump’s lack of emotional engagement with the horrific riots that went live on television Had come to the fore, and their immediate lack of will to release. Sources said the real-time violence was reacted to or condemned, forcing two of its longest employees to resign immediately, sources said.

“Usually the first lady of a one-term president comes to her side publicly. President Ford served less than a full term, and Betty Ford actually stepped in to read her concession letter to Carter in 1976. Lost, ”Brown said.

On Wednesday, an announcement was made that the White House’s historic official guest house, the Blair House, where many presidents (including Trump) stayed overnight before his swearing in, would also welcome Biden. CNN has previously reported to Biden, without invitation yet extended to her by the president and the first woman to house Blair, aiming to stay in a hotel on the eve of the inauguration.

But the invitation was not sent at Melania Trump’s insistence.

“It had nothing to do with it,” the employee said. The invitation can read “White House”, but it was issued through the State Department, whose head of office oversees the management of Blair House.


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