Siemens Off-Offs to develop offshore wind turbines that produce green hydrogen

In a special report, Reuters reported that Siemens Games and Siemens Energy will develop commercial offshore wind turbines that can produce hydrogen through electrolysis. “This is the most concrete plan for the hydrogen industry yet due to the surge in hydrogen demand.”

Siemens Energy owns 67% of Siemens Games, the world’s largest offshore wind turbine maker. The two companies are investing € 120 million ($ 146 million) in the project. Green hydrogen is produced through electrolysis, in which renewable energy sources – in this case, offshore wind – water split into hydrogen and oxygen.

Siemens Games CEO Andreas Naun said [via Reuters]:

We have to bring back the turbine completely, which is designed to produce electricity.

We are looking at our 14 MW turbine, which will be our bread-and-butter product by mid-2020.

From mid-2020, they plan to target large industries such as steelmakers and chemical companies that need to be disbanded as part of Europe’s efforts to meet the goals of their Paris Agreement.

They are considering Germany, which borders the North and Baltic Seas for the first commercial project of about 100-200 MW in size. Customers will need to be near the source of green hydrogen production – offshore wind turbines – since the hydrogen will be transported by pipelines.

The German government said today that it would contribute € 700 million in support of the model project of the three companies by 2025. Germany plans to become a global hydrogen leader. It has designated € 9 billion to start the national hydrogen industry.

Siemens Energy Chief Executive Christian Bruch said [via Reuters]:

It is really about developing a commercially viable product.

I do not know any other company that combines wind power, electrolysis and offshore high voltage technology into one enterprise.

Hydrogen is an important subject but there is no silver bullet here.

“Although most projects across the continent are at the pilot level, the European Union estimates that green hydrogen investment in Europe could reach € 470 billion by 2050 and create up to 1 million jobs,” Reuters writes.

Photo: Siemens Games

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