Shroud announces return with Kauf Montaz?

Post a crypt GIF on Twitter, Kaufan is finally back with a 21-minute-long video on Youtube. The video gives a glimpse of his best moments. In his lifetime, the Shroud has played various games, but the FPS genre is his favorite. There is something in it, a form of mechanical genius that defines all concepts of gaming.

A few days ago, we saw his tweet and wondered what that meant for the future of Kaufan. However, this question is still lingering. Whether he will join some new platforms is still unclear. His Youtube upload seems like just a normal thing. Does that mean he will try to stream on Youtube? Maybe, maybe not, for now, there’s not much.

We all know Kafan’s abilities, and it is quite certain, he will shine wherever he chooses to go.

Shroud kills a tap

Perhaps he is the best generation we have seen, especially with the one-tap kill capability. This is not simply due to his intuition or years of training. If you watch the clip, the discipline is clearly visible. The horizontal target is a calculated amount of shift, an acute sense of position, and sound sensitivity. Along with all this, he is also blessed with a crazy reflex that very few people can counter.

During the opening half of the video, we hear Kaughan saying, “If you’re on top, what drives or motivates you to keep going?” There are many experts who claim that he is the best shooter in sports — someone who represents the entire FPS genre.

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What does this mean for your streaming career?

Watching such a satisfying video, the best peek and shoot and compilation of no-scope, leaves us to wonder about the future. It is quite uncertain, and things can go either way. For now, it seems that Kaufen is enjoying his break and taking things for real.

The video includes almost all games ranging from PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, CS: GO, to Vororent and Tarkov’s escape. We can see a gradual improvement in her response time as the video includes clips from her time on Cloud 9.

However, if you thought that GIF is cryptocurrency, wait until the video is over. Just the word “tomorrow” is written in bold with a few more clips. Kaufan holds on with its mysterious online presence, preparing us for a big announcement.

Source – Shroud (Youtube) Twitter)