Should you watch “The Room” before watching “The Disaster Artist”? –

Should you watch “The Room” before watching “The Disaster Artist”?


Even if you've never seen The Room you've probably heard about it.

Routinely declared the worst movie ever made (for good reason), the inadvertent surreal drama / comedy was written, directed and produced by Tommy Wiseau, an enigmatic actor of unknown origin who also chose to star in his pbadion project, with the hope of being able to launch his career.

Wiseau's IMDB page only lists 12 performance credits, so that part clearly did not work out, but The Room earned the enthusiastic actor some cult credibility, since the quality of his masterpiece struck a chord with both film buffs and bad moviegoers, keeping it in constant rotation on the midnight movie circuit to this day.

The Story

The plot of The Room as it is, revolves around Johnny (Wiseau), who apparently is a "banker", although the script seems to have no idea what that means ; Johnny's girlfriend, Lisa (Juliette Danielle), who is basically a lady of leisure thanks to Johnny's big money, but apparently works in "computers"; and Johnny's best friend, Mark (Greg Sestero), a superhero without a rudder.

Chaos and inexplicable reactions arise when Lisa decides to have an affair with Mark, and everything unravels from there, interspersed with random appearances of the various friends of Johnny and Lisa, who offer nothing to the plot and are usually interchangeable .

Clumsy dialogue, messy editing and exaggerated acting make The Room ready for audience participation, following in the footsteps of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and its anarchic projections Interactive Fans lucky enough to see the movie in theaters can expect a festive atmosphere in which they scream on the screen, throwing spoons and throwing soccer balls.

The Adaptation

Despite being unadulterated garbage, or possibly because of it, The Room has accumulated a lot of famous admirers over the years, including James Franco, Dave Franco and Seth Rogen, who were so obsessed with their particular madness that they decided to recreate it. They chose to adapt Sestero's memories of the making of The Room entitled The Disaster Artist which gives a story of how Wiseau and Sestero first met, as well as The Room & # 39; is a tumultuous journey from page to screen, including the numerous mergers, lawsuits and missteps of Wiseau.

James Franco plays Tommy Wiseau and also directs, adding a meta-layer to the artistic surreality of the project, while younger brother Dave stars Greg Sestero next to him (which adds an even stranger hidden stream to the palpable homoerotic ). tension between Tommy and Greg).

The Big Question

So, do you need to look The Room before seeing The Disaster Artist ?

If it's a chicken ( cheep cheep cheep! ), and you want to skip the original, you can be sure that, without the context of The Room, The Disaster Artist ] is a compelling vision of the process of creating the film (mainly as an example of what does not do, but good), and a fascinating study of the character of a deeply eccentric but ultimately human being who is trying to follow his dream.

You can still admire the transformation of James Franco, even if you miss much of the hilarity of his impression of Wiseau by not recognizing how impressively accurate he is, and the plot is so incredible, the absurd decisions, you probably appreciate it in a "Truth is stranger than fiction" level.

Unlike the cast of The Room The Disaster Artist has also brought together top talent to commit to this madness, and commit to doing so, recreating some of the most memorable original films scenes taken by shot, sometimes even inflections and specific gestures of their characters.

So yes, The Disaster Artist is a nice movie in itself, and it will definitely have fun to watch, but context is everything. To fully appreciate the madness, you must embrace it, abandon the life you knew and descend headfirst into the darkness that resides within the souls of men.

If you can, look for a sample in a city near you; there are monthly (or sometimes weekly) screenings in Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and San Diego, many of which present a live presentation and questions and answers from Wiseau himself, a tradition that the multiple script has maintained for years (although still it will not tell you where you are or where you get your money, no matter how often you ask it).

If you can not see him in a theater with a crowd of rabid people, who throw the spoon Room fans, do the following and gather a group of his best friends for a private show, and make sure Investigate the activities of the banned observance party so you can come prepared with the necessary accessories. But no matter how dedicated you are, do not try the disgusting drink that Tommy and Lisa drink at the beginning of the movie: only condemnation awaits you if you follow that path.

You can buy the DVD and Blu-ray from Tommy Wiseau's website and nowhere else, along with a collection of boxers designed by Wiseau (why not?) And other merchandise.

Above all, in the immortal words of Tommy Wiseau himself, "do not plan too much, it may not go well"

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