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Should we be worried about the future of Fantastic Beasts?

Fantastic beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald has not received the magic reception that is normally reserved for Harry Potter Departures

The sequel has the unwanted record of being the worst reviewed movie in the series and also at some distance. Crimes of Grindelwald currently languishes at 40% in Rotten tomatoes with everyone else Potter Fresh rated movie, even the first Fantastic beasts to 74% (the lowest previous rating in the franchise).

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It has gone a little better to the public that gives it a rating of 66%, but it is still the lowest audience rating in the series and translates into a box office weaker than expected. After two weekends, Crimes of Grindelwald It amounts to almost $ 440 million worldwide and is likely to end up as the highest grossing movie in the franchise to date.

The answer has led some to worry about the future of the Fantastic beasts franchise, but we're here to tell you that there's probably nothing to worry about. (Expecto patronum!)

When it comes to Crimes of Grindelwald, the most common complaint is that the film feels like it has one eye (or more) in the future of Fantastic beasts. It's largely a two-hour setup for Fantastic animals 3 and beyond, which has frustrated both fans and critics, although it should not come as a big surprise.

JK Rowling confirmed in 2016, before the release of the first film, that the planned trilogy had become a series of five films. "We said a trilogy as a sort of placeholder because we knew there would be more than one movie, now I made the plot correctly and we are pretty sure it will be five films," he revealed in a live broadcast of fans.

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So there will always be a general narrative of the series and one of the films will probably suffer the role of air freshener, like Avengers: Age of Ultron did for Marvel Phase 3. Given the revelation of the cannon commotion in the end of the sequel but nevertheless, Harry Potter the fans will come back for Fantastic animals 3 in November 2020 to discover how Rowling plans to explain everything.

Fantastic Beasts 2, Eddie Redmayne, Claudia Kim.

Warner Bros.

Although the launch dates have not been confirmed for Fantastic animals 4 Y 5, it would take a drastic reduction so that the third Warner Bros film did not make them. Harry Potter has been one of the most consistent income of the study and even if Crimes of Grindelwald It is the lowest collection in the series, it is still likely to win at least $ 600 million worldwide.

Sure, it's not up with the $ 900 million mark that most of the Harry Potter The movies ended, but it's not exactly a box office failure. The series could be bigger in China, where it has been dominated by Poison, but even Star Wars He has struggled to make a lot of impact at the Chinese box office.

Should Fantastic animals 3 suffer from similar complaints and act as another installation film, even the most ardent Harry Potter Fan could find his patience running out a bit. But nevertheless, Crimes of Grindelwald It feels like the springboard needed for the bigger things that lie ahead and Warner Bros. is still not going to give up the Magic World.

Nagini, Claudia Kim, Credence Barebone, Ezra Miller, Fantastic Beasts 2

Warner Bros.

So do not go to believe that Crimes of Grindelwald It could signal a collapse of the dark universe.

After all, Harry Potter recovered from the $ 796.7 million & # 39; of Prisoner of Azkaban with a route of $ 896.9 million for chalice of fire – and there is nothing to suggest that Fantastic animals 3 I could not enjoy a similar bulge.

Fantastic beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald is out now

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