Should streamers pay game developers? Google responded after the Stadia Dev debate

The debate over whether video game streamers should pay royalties to respective developers and royalties has been around for the better half of a decade. Comments by a creative director from one of Google Stadia’s in-house studios have nullified the argument, forcing Google to distance itself from comments.

Alex Hutchinson, creative director at Stadia Games & Entertainment’s Montreal studio, posted a thread of tweets breaking down his thoughts around streamers and whether trade licenses for games should be offered. Hutchinson believes that streamers earn revenue from games they have received for either free or very little money, prompting their stance that game creators make content cuts.

Hutchinson’s views did not go well with many critics taking shots at the Google Stadia employee. Google finally released its statement on the matter, distancing itself from Hutchinson’s remarks.

The company said in a statement to 9to5Google, “The recent tweet by Alex Hutchinson, creative director of Montreal Studios for Entertainment and Entertainment, does not show people from Stadia, YouTube or Google.”

Outside of jab and damage control, another example of constructive discussion on the matter emerged. Michael Hartman, a developer with 30 years of experience shared Charming break How streamers are a part of marketing, but not as important to sales success as they used to be.

Hartmann explains that most stream viewers are now viewing content for entertainment rather than buying advice, resulting in lower sales than streams outside the obvious viral outliers (such as between us and phasmophobia this year). Despite this, Hartmann still believes it is an important part of the industry, but hopes to have a deal in the future that benefits both streamers and developers alike.

Hartman mentions that about six years ago, the landscape was different – the streamer directly influenced the sales of many games. But still, the type of game matters. In 2016, Cancer, the developer of the heartwarming adventure, Cancer, wrote that he felt streaming had negatively affected the game’s sales. In 2014 Fez developer Phil Fish also had a similar attitude towards Hutchinson, stating that streamers should pay their share which gives revenue to the game’s developers.

With both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 featuring an expansion of options for sharing your gaming content directly from your console, it is unlikely that stricter rules about the content that can be shared soon become common. Will go But with all the recent DMCA attacks against music in thousands of twitch VODs, it is unlikely that this can happen.

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