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A few days ago, Nintendo finally revealed the latest variant of the Nintendo switch called Nintendo Switch Lite. As its name is clearly published, the next console is a softened version of the original, which removes its most iconic features in favor of portability and a cheaper price. But who is the Nintendo switch?

In our depth comparison of Switch vs. The Switch Lite, the biggest difference between the two devices is that the Lite is $ 100 cheaper, and does not include the ability to play in docked mode. The lack of hybrid functionality is causing a stir online, as people call Lite, "the switch that can not change." But it is important to remember that Nintendo has implemented this business model before with the launch of 2DS. which is a cheaper variant of the 3DS, without the 3D functionality, which caters to players who only want to play on that console without the need of the 3D function.

Of course, the absence of the hybrid feature in the Switch Lite may not make sense to some people, especially those who already own the Switch, but Nintendo revealed that the Lite is not meant to replace the original. The Nintendo Switch Lite is designed as a complementary device for those interested in a lower price.

Unlike the main switch, its main point of sale is its perfect ability to change from a portable device to a standard home console, the focus of Switch Lite is on purely portable games. The slimmer construction of the Lite and the smaller screen make it a bit more portable than its predecessor, and its extended battery life would make it a reliable companion for moving games.

While the name of the Switch Lite may cause confusion due to the lack of hybrid functionality, the next console technically remains a switch because it can still play the platform's growing library of games. However, it is important to remember that the Switch Lite has built-in Joy-Cons without noise function, it can only play Switch titles that support portable device mode.

This will be problematic for players who want to play games like Super Mario Odyssey that requires a single Joy-Con to use it sideways on some levels, and room functionality that includes nearby moon players. While this may cause some people to buy the Lite, Nintendo revealed that players of the Lite can still play such games, as long as they buy Joy-Cons separately and connect them to the Lite wirelessly. But still, this might not be the best solution, since a pair of Joy-Cons costs around $ 90 for a pair, and it's probably better to buy the original Switch.

The question remains: is the cheapest price of the Lite switch worthy of all the most iconic features of the star device? The answer to that depends on who you ask. For current switch owners, the Switch Lite does not offer anything new (only from three new colors) that justifies a second purchase. However, Nintendo is also positioning the Lite as a secondary device for people who already own a Switch and want a separate device for other family members or those who want the original Switch to connect permanently, and use the Lite in any place. Nintendo confirmed that players will be able to transfer files without problems from the Switch to the Lite for this purpose.

However, the players who are still in the port are sold to Switch, and are not sure about getting the flagship or the Lite, so it all comes down to the budget and gaming needs. For those who have the money to burn and want to play each game in the switch's arsenal, then it is better to buy the original switch. On the other hand, players looking for a simple hands-on experience without frills, and who do not care about the small amount of games that do not support it, will find the Switch Lite as the perfect option, given its accessibility, longer duration of the battery and greater portability.

Nintendo Switch Lite It is launched on September 20, 2019.

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