Should Beers All-In For Trading Desoon Watson?

While this insult poses many questions to the Chicago Bears, one thing that has become clear is that the quarterback is a priority – for better or worse.

General manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Negi had at least one more year to turn things around, the way they were going to do everything they were going to do in last Wednesday’s press conference. Which they can do to fix the quarterback position. Their jobs really depend on it.

However, others have tried and failed – as well as Pace – who left Chicago without a franchise quarterback after Sid Luckman in the 1940s.

So when there are reports that an unhappy countryman wants to trade with the Houston Texas, you can understand that Pace and Negi are paying attention. After all, how often is one of the league’s best young quarterbacks available? Which is appropriate, has not happened yet. But the rumor appears to be revolving, it is a possibility.

Reportedly, Watson’s potential cost would be three first-round picks, three second-round picks and one Pro Bowl-caliber player. Which is quite a steep price. Again, you are getting a franchise franchise quarterback in your prime, to find many – namely the Bears – struggling in this league.

Pace already made the mistake of letting Watson away in the 2017 NFL Draft when he selected Mitchell Trubisky with the No. 2 seed. If there is a chance – any chance – that the beer could land Watson, you think Pace will end it all.

What do you say, Bears fans? Will you throw home in Houston for a chance to trade for Watson?


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