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Shooter shoots through the restaurant window, kills 2 agents in Trenton, Florida

TRENTON, Fla. – Someone out the window of a North Florida restaurant on Thursday afternoon, killing two officers who were receiving food, authorities said. Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz identified deputies killed during a news conference as a sergeant. Noel Ramirez, 30, and Rep. Taylor Lindsey, 25.

Agents were getting food at the Ace China restaurant in Trenton when the shooter approached the building and shot them through a window, Schultz said. The deputies who responded to the scene found the dead shooter out of business.

Schultz did not say how the suspect died, adding that law enforcement officers were investigating. There is no apparent reason for the shooting.

  florida-cops-shot-2018-04-19.jpg "srcset =" https://cbsnews2.cbsistatic.com/hub/i/r/2018/04/20/3b3f8fcd-e470-480e-89b1- 3b08050ec36a / resize / 620x / fcbc28ba96e7b4c160725eb0bc4ae5c3 / florida-cops-shot-2018-04-19.jpg 1x "/> </span><figcaption><p> WGFL.</p></figcaption></figure><p> "Sgt. Ramirez and Rep. Lindsey were the best," Schultz said. "They were honest men, men of loyalty, God fearing, they loved what they did, and we are very proud of them."</p><p> "I have no answers about why this happened," Schultz said, noting that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating. Schultz said Ramirez, 29, was a 7-year veteran married and with children. Lindsay was 25 years old. A statement released on Thursday night said the men simply sat down to eat and that there was no crime in progress or disruption, reports WGFL, an affiliate of CBS Gainesville.</p><script async src=

Schultz said he ran to the scene as soon as he heard about the shooting. He said it's important to remember that attacks like Thursday can happen anywhere, even in small cities like Trenton.

"After 26 years of doing this, there is nothing that can prepare you for senseless deaths," Schultz said.

Schultz said he spoke with both families.

"As expected, you can never be prepared for something like this, but do not get confused, I'm proud of their families," Schultz said. "They understood when their loved ones lit the badge and clung to the weapon that was a possibility."

Ramirez, he said, had a contagious smile. He said both were excited about participating in the First Olympics to Respond. "Sergeant Ramirez and Representative Lindsey were the best of the best, they were men of integrity, they were men of loyalty, they fear God and loved what they did."

The shooter's name was not immediately published. .

Trenton is located in northern Florida, about 56 miles (35 miles) west of Gainesville.

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