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Shook & # 39; To The Core & # 39; – Hollywood Life

After dragging Logan Paul for the insensitive videos he filmed in Japan, we heard him shudder, & # 39; horrified & # 39 ;, and that he will use his pause to & # 39; get in touch with reality & # 39; again.

Call for attention to Mr. Logan Paul . The 22-year-old YouTube personality is suffering after being criticized for posting a video of a corpse she discovered while visiting the famous "suicide forest" in Japan. Virtually everyone condemned the vlogger, who has given him a bit of control of reality. "[He’s] has really been shaken to the core by all the negative press that has been receiving," said a source close to Logan EXCLUSIVELY HollywoodLife.com . "It's very difficult for him to process the fact that he has gone from being this great YouTube star to being the number one public enemy of social media, literally in just a week."

To be fair, this is not the first time that Logan has been accused of being insensitive (or the last, as seen). Still, having to deal with the repercussions of his actions seems to be a big shock for Logan. He even decided to stop his daily vlogs because of this scandal. "He is horrified by the way he is now perceived," said the source HollywoodLife.com . "Taking a break is the best thing you can do right now: you are getting back in touch with reality once again, and who you really are with." When Logan feels ready to return to the center of attention, he will make sure that he apologizes for his recent behavior, besides trying to explain how he got there and why. "

" Take the time to reflect, without vlog for now, see you soon, "Logan tweeted on January 3, announcing that he would stop publish daily videos. This decision came after he apologized in a video, which in turn followed a statement expressing his "repentance" (although he also made sure to remind people that "he did not do so because of the views. video because he thought he could "make a positive wave on the Internet" and "raise awareness about suicide and suicide prevention".

If that was the case, what was the purpose of Logan other video from Japan? An edited clip of Logan's vlogs, shared by We The Unicorns shows him running around like an idiot in a kimono, throwing Pokeballs at cops, crushing Game Boys on the street and acting, in General, like an "ugly" American. "Logan has been accused of racism in the past, by Vox so maybe this self-imposed break could lead Logan to change his ways.

Do you think that Logan "will get in touch with alidad "once again, HollywoodLifers ?

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