Shohei Ohtani probably will not sign with your team –

Shohei Ohtani probably will not sign with your team


Shohei Ohtani opened the procedures to all 30 MLB teams, asking stakeholders to answer questions related to their location, culture and more, to get a better idea of ​​where they might want to sign. Now he has reduced his list of potential suitors from 30 to seven, with Ken Rosenthal confirming that group on Monday morning.

The Dodgers, the Angels, the Padres, the Mariners, the Giants, the Rangers and the Cubs are the clubs with which Ohtani will meet, the rest are out of the race. That's a big part of the west coast, which may make you wonder why Ohtani bothered to ask all interested teams to sell it at a meeting if it was so clear it was going to be on the west coast.

Well, to begin with, Chicago and Arlington, Texas, are not on the West Coast, so the guarantee is out the window. Secondly, this was the opportunity for all the teams to show that they had something to offer Ohtani: comfort, competitiveness, culture, whatever the Japanese pitcher batter is looking for. The Rangers and the Cubs seem to have pbaded that test to be grouped with all the West Coast teams, while others like the Yankees failed.

Hmm I'm not sure why Ohtani was not interested in New York if there was any clue available to shed light on this .

It's not just the Yankees, of course. The Red Sox fans were predictably upset about being ignored by Ohtani. And the fans of more teams will continue to act with the right and as if they have a reason to be offended, but hey, this will happen when Ohtani's free agency is established so that it is not really free agency, where money has something to say.

Here everything is culture and location, and he chose seven teams that he believes will suit his particular bill. Yours was not one of them, and your shameful reaction to that news says much more about you than about Ohtani.

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