Shocking video shows white police ‘punching black man after stopping taxi’

Warning: The video included in this article contains distressed scenes and repeated swearing

An investigation is underway after a video surfaced in Georgia showing white officers walking a black man and forcing his face into the street, apparently following the taxi in which he was traveling Was stopped from and asked to show his ID.

Officials in Clayton County, south of Atlanta, said an officer was placed on administrative leave and the internal investigation team launched an investigation.

He did this after various clips posted on social media showed two officers of the Clayton County Sheriff Department punching an unknown black man, and slamming his face down the highway.

A woman can be heard shouting: “Do not kill him. The officer says that he cannot breathe. He said that he could not breathe … bleeding from his nose. “

The clip contains loud and repeated oaths, much of it directed at the authorities.

With one clip, it appears that what has happened has been recorded directly, and which was posted on Instagram, a woman wrote: “So it happened today for my cousin that song or fatwa.” I was in and the man was out of the taillight police. They stopped that the man who did not have his license, my cousin and his girl was in the car, they ask him that he said that you are asking me Yale. “I’m not driving, they told him to get out of the car and what happened.”

The woman posted the footage on Friday.

Later that evening, a post on the official Facebook page of the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office read: “After making a person aware of a sub-video using physical force on social media, Sheriff Victor Hill posted his entire internal Ordered the unit of affairs to start an investigation starting at 8 pm. ”

It added: “The sheriff has ordered that the results of the investigation be placed on sub-administrative leave pending the outcome.”

On Saturday, the department failed to respond to inquiries Free.

While not much is clear about the incident, it represents the latest shocking and violent encounter between white police officers and unarmed black people.

Jacob Blake speaks from the hospital bed that it hurts to breathe

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, investigations are underway after a 29-year-old black man was shot seven times in the back by a white police officer. That man, Jacob Blake, is now expected to be paralyzed for life.

Meanwhile, the May killing of George Floyd led to protests in cities across the country, which were also unarmed, and were suffocated by a white officer, as he said he could not breathe.

CBS46 News said that in the recording of the incident in Georgia, an officer could be heard saying: “He held my hand.”

The man on the ground can be heard saying: “I am about to die”.

On Friday, as the news of the video spread, the Clayton County Police Department issued a statement stating that it was Sheriff Department officials, not its own employees, who were involved in the incident.

“The Clayton County Police Department is aware of current social media videos,” he said.

“Deputies are not employed in this video by the Clayton County Police Department; They are employed by the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office is aware and they are investigating. “