Shock when doctors find 13 sewing needles in a 10-month-old baby


Shock when doctors find 13 sewing needles in a 10-month-old baby

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Wambui Mbuthia

  shock-as-doctors-find-13-needle-needles-in-10-month - old-baby
Doctors successfully recovered 13 needles

  • A 10-year-old baby is recovering in the hospital after doctors removed 13 needles from its lower part.
  • A needle remained after doctors called its elimination as too risky for the baby. The baby's mother does not know how the needles came in the first place.

Doctors at Thika Level 5 Hospital successfully removed 13 sewing needles from the body of a 10-month-old baby and left one for later.

Jacinta Ndunge, 31, the baby's mother said she discovered the needles when she was punctured while applying gelatin on her baby.

However, Jacinta has no idea how the needle came in the first place.

The baby had been admitted for pneumonia, but after Jacinta alerted the doctors, an X-ray showed that she had 14 needles. This caused the doctors to organize an urgent surgery in which they successfully extracted 13 of the needles.

The remainder was left due to the risk it presented with its position in the hip bone. The doctors said they will need special treatment to avoid putting the baby's life in greater danger.

Confirming the case The director of Kiambu County in charge of health, Andrew Toro, said that the remaining needle was also housed. inside one of the baby's bones.

"Removing an object like that from the child's body is dangerous and could damage blood vessels, nerves, cause infections and even cause death," he said.

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