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SHINee will perform a concert in Japanese as scheduled + handwritten letters from members

SHINee will hold their Japanese concert as scheduled.

The group was scheduled to celebrate & # 39; SHINee World The Best 2018 ~ From Now On & # 39; in February in Japan. However, after the tragedy with the deceased Jonghyun SM Entertainment had asked the fans to be patient with their decision, since they could not do it so suddenly.

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The members finally decided to continue with the concert, and each wrote a handwritten letter for their fans.

Onew wrote,

"Hello, this is Onein from SHINee.
I am not sure what to say first.
I am grateful that you have protected and imported the member What we love so much, and I'm sorry for worrying you.
I thought this would not work, and that we could not act.
But Jonghyun's mother told us never to give up, and I thought if we could give I am comforting someone who is in longing and pain, I should work harder though I am lacking.
I am missing a lot, but I want to be the b I agree with SHINee.
Even if the course is difficult, I will work it best possible.
Jonghyun is always a member of SHINee, and will always be in our hearts and in the hearts of the fans, so I think nothing will have changed.
I will continue to work hard as SHINee.
Thank you. "

Password wrote,

"Hello. This is the SHINee Key.
Many people were worried about me, and I'm working to order my thoughts and go back to everyday life.
Sometimes I cry when I see things that Jonghyun-hyung left behind because of the memories, and although my heart aches, I am working hard to convince him that I am spending time with hyung.
I know that many people support SHINee and they want us to continue promoting, and I thought a lot about it. also, but I did not think I wanted to give up everything for peace of mind.
Many people are worried about us, and we decided to continue with our concert in Japan.
This decision would be something Jonghyun-hyung wanted from us, and I think it's the closest thing to SHINee keeping our promise to the fans and riding a good stage.
This year is the tenth anniversary of SHINee.
Thank you very much for always supporting and taking care of us, and we will return it through a stage similar to SHINee.
I love you and thank you. "

Minho wrote,

" Hi, I'm SHINee & # 39; s Minho.
Regarding the Japanese concert of SHINee, the members thought for themselves and also met to discuss it, and we reached a cautious conclusion. I am writing to transmit my thoughts calmly.
While I write this, I am having many thoughts, and in each moment, I feel many emotions, but I want to write calmly.
There must be some who accept this decision, and others who care about this decision.
We also do not know what the correct answer is, but we believe that this is the correct answer and we want to fulfill our promise. .
All the memories we have with members, staff and fans are so precious and happy for us, and I think nothing else can replace that.
Nothing can replace the place of Jonghyun-hyung, and I am concerned about the quality of our stage, but I will put all my sincerity in the preparations to think that Jonghyun-hyung will be with us in all the stages in which SHINee will be in the future.
As Jonghyun-hyung and the rest of us promised with you, when we are exhausted and want to give up, and when we want to flee because we are weak, I will remember that your hands are our greatest strength, and keep on singing for you.
It's more difficult than anyone can imagine, but I think you'll give us strength so that we can all overcome this and keep our promise.
SHINee will be grateful at all times through that support, and will fill it. our moments for you and Jonghyun-hyung. I think I can be a little warmer in this cold winter thanks to your warm support.
Thanks. "

Taemin wrote,

" Hello. This is the Taemin of SHINee.
To be honest, I did not have much confidence to act. However, I wanted to keep our promise to the fans, and I did not want to say goodbye to SHINee members in the future.
When I looked back to the times when I was happiest and I had the most security, it was moments when I was with the members and the fans. I liked the name more & # 39; SHINee & # 39; and the members, and I wanted even less to give up.
I know that the future will not be easy, but I will do everything possible so that the name SHINee will continue to shine without losing its light or being forgotten.
Members and you are the people who made me such beautiful memories. I'm grateful and I want to keep those memories for a long time.
I want to continue to be loved as SHINee, and I want to show our member in heaven that we will confidently take a step and stand on stage as SHINee.
Sorry for worried fans, and I ask you to keep watching us.
It's cold, so be careful, and happy new year. "

Hopefully the members are fine.

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