Sheryl Underwood Responds To Sharon Osbourne’s Exit From ‘The Talk’ – Deadline

The conversation Host Sheryl Underwood has broken her silence on the controversy surrounding her former co-host Sharon Osbourne.

In a three-part series on her podcast, Underwood reflected on the fallout from the heated discussion she and Osbourne shared about the latter’s support for Piers Morgan, who was infuriated by his comments against Meghan Markle and Price Harry. After Osbourne voiced her support for Morgan, she faced even more backlash when she was accused of racist behavior by former co-hosts, including Holly Robinson Peete. CBS launched an internal investigation that resulted in a hiatus for The conversationand finally the departure of Osbourne.

In the first of the three The conversation-Related episodes, Underwood said he regrets the heated on-air discussion that occurred in the first place, noting that the explosive moment “was going to happen out of my control.” When asked why she hadn’t criticized Osbourne for exiting the daytime talk series, Underwood said she will support her friend “through thick and thin.”

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“There was a part of me that felt like I had to do what’s best for her and her family,” Underwood said. “He had to do the best for his life.”

When osbourne came out The conversation On March 26, his departure was greeted with mixed reactions. While some viewers and fans were excited about the move, others were disappointed and criticized CBS’s “cancellation culture.” Underwood, however, said that he cannot find comfort in the current situation when The conversation returns April 12.

“My friends are being attacked. It is a situation where even things [that] They say to each other after the fact they still don’t bring me comfort. It doesn’t comfort me, it opens the wound even more, ”he said.

The controversy surrounding The conversation and Osbourne was a learning moment, Underwood said. She said that she and her co-stars are “learning about ourselves,” reflecting on how the show will progress and how it has changed. Nevertheless The conversation will return a short host, Underwood shared a message for fans: “Continue [to] watch how we grow and evolve. “

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