Sheryl Sandberg warns of a negative reaction #MeToo against women –

Sheryl Sandberg warns of a negative reaction #MeToo against women


Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg warned on Sunday morning of the potential for women to end up losing what appears to be a turning point in feminism.

The author Lean In encourages women, but writes in an extensive publication on Facebook: "I've already heard the rumors of a violent reaction."

During the last two months, every day seems to have presented new allegations of badual misconduct against powerful men, who face real consequences for their actions. And people are already saying, "This is the reason why you should not hire women," writes Sandberg.

"Actually, this is the reason why you should," he continues. Hiring, mentoring and promoting women is the only long-term solution to badual harbadment, which is about power, according to Sandberg. In her publication, she also outlines some basic guidelines that companies should follow if they really want to prevent harbadment at work.

The solution is certainly not Pence's so-called rule: the vice president supposedly will not dine alone with another woman unless his wife is present, as some have suggested. Instead, writes Sandberg, men should strive to treat colleagues and employees alike. If you do not go to dinner or drink alone with a woman, you should not do it with a man either.

"Doing things right for women in the workplace does not mean just treating them with respect, it also means not isolating or ignoring them," writes Sandberg. "And it means making access equal." Whether that means bringing all your direct reports to dinner or none of them, the key is to give men and women the same opportunities to succeed. "

Lean In that was almost an instant manifesto for Corporate feminism when it came out in 2013, looks a bit rusty these days.In the book, Sandberg urged women to be more ambitious in the workplace.The recent spate of badual harbadment and badault allegations make it clear that ambition and inclination are not enough.

Women who are badually harbaded are more likely to leave their jobs and leave their industries, not with weapons for the next promotion, research has shown.

In its publication, Sandberg Lean In brought up the issue of men who do not give opportunities to women for fear that they may be harbaded

"I wrote in Lean In that 64 percent of managers fear being alone with a colleague, partly out of fear of being accused of badual harbadment," he writes. . "The problem with this is that mentoring almost always occurs in one-to-one configurations." One of the most rewarding responses I received from Lean In was when older men recognized that had granted fewer opportunities to women, often without really thinking about it.I received one call after another where CEOs and some of the oldest men in many industries told me: "I had never thought about it before, but you are right in I take men to the trip and dinner instead of women and that is unfair. & # 39; "

Maybe then it will be men who need to support themselves, instead of succumbing to fear for badual politics, they should make the leap and help women move forward in the work, that's the key to finally solving the problem of men abusing power, writes Sandberg.

"Ultimately, what will contribute most to changing our culture is what I've been writing and talking for a long time: having more women with more power," he writes.

Along his way, Sandberg says he had his share of experiences with more powerful men who tried to take advantage: a hand on his leg, career advice that had to be late at night and alone.

] But now Sandberg is one of the most powerful executives in the world, on top of a multibillion-dollar company with 2 billion users, which probably has even played a decisive role in the US presidential election. [196] 59002] Harbadment happens very rarely now, she writes. "Only with men who at that moment feel that they have more power than me"

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