Sheref says Oregon residents are illegally restraining drivers at gunpoint

Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts told many people in the county to operate armed checkpoints, stopping cars they could not identify, in an effort to “protect the property”.

Roberts said during a Sunday news conference, “The first thing I ask them to do is please stop it.” “It is illegal to detain someone at gunpoint.”

The sheriff’s office has already reached “many of them”. Many of the people living in the area were going to get their personal belongings back.

“The last thing I want to see is anything that can happen tragically because someone is overtaking something,” he said.

Roberts said dispatchers received a 400% increase in calls from the county for suspects since the blaze. He said that most of them were baseless, although a small number of arrests have occurred.

He did not elaborate on the number of arrests or the nature of the crimes committed.

Misinformation divides residents and officials

As of Friday, at least five wildfires were burning in Clackamas County, including major Riverside and Beachy Creek fires. Most counties are under evacuation orders.

But some residents living in those evacuation areas are not leaving their homes and are instead living to “defend” their property.

Residents have drawn house signs to wire fences and blurred, yellow-colored streets, all warning looters that they will be shot.

A sign reads & quot;  Looters shoot & quot;  Outside a residence in Molalla, Oregon, in Clackamas County.

“Looters get shot,” many of them threaten.

Facebook says removing false claims about starting Oregon wildfire
Unlawful reports about looting and political groups causing deliberate damage have divided county officials. At an emergency board meeting of county commissioners that decided whether to impose curfew in Clackas County, a sergeant in Capt. Jeff Smith’s office said “on the street” that members of Antifa would use a broad word for far-right groups Were. The protesters were armed with chains and deliberately hit the telephone pole to launch further fire.

He also said the robbery was confirmed near the outskirts of the county, although the Sheriff’s Office has not confirmed it.

QAnon fans spread fake claims about real fire in Oregon

Many members of the board were skeptical of Antifa’s involvement. Smith said that only one sergeant was told by informants that the members of Antifa were deliberately setting fire, although they did provide information about this fact.

The FBI’s Portland office said last week that “reports suggest that extremists are setting wildfires in Oregon.” Neighboring Oregon Sheriff’s Offices have dismissed reports that Antifa was deliberately setting fire.
“Antifa” was recently imposed by conservative officials, including President Donald Trump, responsible for the fire, robbery and mischief following protests against conservatism and police brutality. Antifa, short for anti-fascists, refers to a broad group of people with far-left beliefs who often oppose far-flung events, such as the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Members have damaged property in previous demonstrations, but allegations that they intentionally caused more damage during crises or natural disasters, such as current wildfires, are unfounded.

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