‘She is no longer in pain’

Melissa Etheridge says she is suffering the grief of losing her child “into a drug addiction” one day at a time.

During a virtual appearance Thursday on “Today with Hoda and Jenna”, the musician opened up about one thing that has brought him comfort after the fatal opioid overdose of his 21-year-old son Beckett in May.

“In the end, there is a small part of the peace, she is no longer in pain,” the 59-year-old Atheridge told hosts Hoda Kotab and Jenna Bush Heger.

On May 13, Atheridge announced that Beckett died of opioid addiction. Beckett was one of two children, with Julie Cyphrey of Etheridge. Atheridge and Cyphore, whose relationship ended in 2000, also shared 23-year-old daughter Bailey Jean.

Beckett’s opioid addiction at age 21 Melissa Etheridge’s daughter pays tribute

On Thursday, Atheridge said his close family found strength in each other.

“Of course we miss him, but my wife and my three other children, we come together and we know that he is here in spirit,” she said. “We do what we love and we love each other and come together.”

The Grammy winner credits his newly formed Atheries Foundation, which supports research into the causes of opioid addiction, “helping me.”

“It’s an epidemic. We lose more than 150,000 people every year to drug addiction,” she said. “One thing that helped me heal was starting The Etheries Foundation. We’re starting and bringing it out and it’s the foundation for research options. Away from this track of pharmaceuticals for pain Go. This is research to understand addiction. ”

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In an August interview with Rolling Stone, the singer admitted that seeing her son conceived with sperm from Rock and Roll Hall of Famer David Crosby, her struggle with her opioid addiction over the years was painful, especially since It was beyond me. Control.”

“There came a time when I needed to sit with myself and say, when I cannot save her. I cannot give up my life and try to live my life for that. ‘And I had to come up against the possibility that he would die. ”

However, flexible rotation did not allow guilt to consume.

“You can’t lie down, you can’t shatter, you can’t die and can’t give up. That’s what my son did, you know. (Life is) to live, to learn.”

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