Shapeshifter achieves his kickstander goal in 12 hours

Green Boy Games revealed today that their upcoming retro Game Boy title is Shapeshifter Has accomplished its Kickstarter goal. The game was launched today on Kickstarter, with hopes of raising $ 7,300 to fund it. By the time we’re writing this, the campaign has reached about $ 12k with 146 backers, and still two months to go! Not too shabby for her first day outside the gate. The ultimate benchmark goal for the game is over $ 40k, which will give the developer enough to build it, adding additional content, special editions and whatever is left to promote the game. But it does not appear that they will get into much trouble with this. We have a description of the game below as well as the latest trailer from the crowdfunding page for you.

A look at the promotional pack shots of The Shashshifter courtesy of Green Boy Games.

You are Elliot, an ordinary man who is going to spend a weekend in the mountains with some friends. You’ve all slept in the open air near a campfire, but the cold of the night wakes you up … or maybe it was a cry for help in the distance … who knows. Elliot meets a little elf who is asking for your help: save the world from the magic of witchcraft !! To do this, the Yogini grants you a great power: the animal you touch will become one, but remember that the power will fade at dawn. hurry up! We do not have much time !! Once you cross through the hole in the asparagus broccoli tree, you will immerse yourself in the fictitious world. The things you think get complicated with every step you take. There is nothing like this in this fictional world, and you would not think that the best poets are hard to handle.

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