Shannon Doherty updates on her battle with stage 4 breast cancer

In 2020, the “Beverly Hills 90210” star publicly revealed that her breast cancer had returned and spread. She is now sharing how she used her oncologist, Dr. Dinner with Lawrence Peiro broke the news to his closest friends over dinner.

Doherty said Piro explained that he “must undergo hormone therapy to block the estrogen that fuels cancer, as well as a second targeted drug that is often effective in stabilizing metastatic disease.”

Doherty expressed his gratitude.

“I try to cherish all those little moments that most people actually see or don’t take,” she said. “Little things are magnified for me. There is this endless well within us, and for the strength to face adversity is just about continuing to dig into that well – and so that we too can see all the beauty.”

Doherty said that she was reflecting on her life, asking herself if she had good deeds and thinking about the end.

“I was like, ‘Okay, do I have good deeds? Do I have bad deeds? Why do I do bad deeds?” Doherty said, I started taking stock of my life and the things I did, and the things I didn’t do, how I do things with people.

He plans to write letters and leave video messages for friends and family after his death.

He said, “I need to tell my mother. I want my husband to know what he means to me.” “But whenever it comes time for me to do it, it feels so final. It’s like you’re signing, and I’m not signing.”

“I think I’m a very, very healthy person. It’s hard to wrap up your affairs when you think you’re going to live another 10 or 15 years,” Doherty said.

Meanwhile, Doherty is living her life and said that she feels healthy.

Doherty said, “It’s kind of like anything with Stage IV, where you have to face things like that, where others want to bring you to the pasture.” “I’m not ready to pasture. I’ve got a lot of life.”


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