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Shania Twain on Donald Trump: “I would have voted for him”

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It's getting real!

In a revealing new interview, country rocker and relaunch queen Shania Twain once again opened on her 15-year break from the recording, her marriage failed with Robert John "Mutt" Lange her former best friend who had an affair with her now ex-husband and her "passionate" marriage with Frédéric Thiébaud . The Canadian also discussed her political beliefs in the new spontaneous conversation with The Guardian.

Conservative Canuck, who could not vote in the 2016 elections, spoke about his affinity with the controversial president, who is currently at the epicenter of several scandals (both political and sexual).

"I would have voted for him because, although it was offensive, he seemed honest," the singer said. "Do you want heterosexual or polite? It's not that you can not have both … If I were voting, I do not want bullsh-t. I would have voted for a feeling of transparency." a reputation for not being that, right? "

  Shania Twain

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He also spoke about his father, whom he said he abused her, physically, psychologically and sexually.

The 52-year-old revealed:" I will not go into details about it. I do not mind saying it, because I think it's important for people to understand that they can survive these things. "

He said the abuse started at an early age.

" Around the age of 10 years. I feel that sexual abuse goes hand in hand with physical and psychological abuse when it comes to someone you know, "admitted the superstar." I learned to block it. Abusers need to manipulate you, either sooner or later, and what I said to myself is: OK, there's something wrong with this person and that person is not right. "

" I felt sorry from myself a lot when I was a child. Or went to Children's Aid and now they save me or … I weighed it and thought: & # 39; If I go to Children's Aid, we will all part. & # 39; and he just could not stand that, so we all stayed together for better or worse, "said the singer.

  Shania Twain, Frederic Thiebaud

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From his own relationship with his husband since 2011, Shania said: "Yes, it is a passionate love on all levels. I used to be very monotonous in my relationships "

He said that's not the way things are today." Poor Freddy pays the price, because I'm like: if I ever remarry, this is me. I do not think Mutt has ever met me. That's the difference. "

Although it has been eight years since she divorced Mutt, Shania admits that she still has dreams about the woman who stood between them, the ex-wife of her current husband, who was also her best friend at that moment.

"I do really unpleasant things in my dreams for her," she said in the interview. "I'm always cutting my hair or shaving it."

Twain also talked about his breaking the stage, that was the result of her diagnosis of Lyme disease and her loss of voice.

She says that after giving birth to her son Eja Lange in 2011, she wanted some free time, but she did not intend to be so as long as he took.

"Yes, I wanted a break. But, of course, I would never have left 15 years. "She said:" I was so embarrassed to tell someone that I could not sing. For a long time, I did not even know why I could not sing. "

In the chat, Twain, who had laryngoplasty to rebuild his vocal box six weeks before that, admitted," I never thought I'd sing again. "

] But in spite of those big setbacks, Shania is back and it's better than ever.

In 2017, Shania released Now her first album in 15 years.

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