Shane McMahon will captain Team SmackDown at WWE Survivor Series 2017


Oh dear. Does Shane McMahon never learn? Ever since he made his shock return to the WWE, he’s kept on getting himself into trouble.

There was that suicidal leap off the top of Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania 32 where he ultimately lost to The Undertaker.

Then there was that, well, even more suicidal leap off the top of Hell in a Cell at HIAC2017, where he ultimately lost to Kevin Owens (with a bit of help from his best frenemy Sami Zayn).

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Last night on SmackDown Live, Shane McMahon dropped a bombshell. He’ll be captaining the SmackDown team at Survivor Series later this month.

“Now, a lot of people have been asking, why on earth did SmackDown Live, the SmackDown brand, lay siege to Monday Night Raw,” Shane O Mac asked the fans.

“Well the answer is simple, it goes back a long way. Since Raw was around and it’s approaching its 25th anniversary, which is a huge accomplishment, it’s before SmackDown was around.

“But since SmackDown came on the scene, Raw has always looked at SmackDown as the inferior brand.”

He continued: “What is the one thing that SmackDown can do to change this perception? Despite all odds, despite the draft where Raw had double the picks that SmackDown did.

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“We gathered a team, we put Daniel Bryan as General Manager, we went Live just like we are right now, right here, SmackDown Live every Tuesday night.

“We started having fun. We created the land of opportunity and then that just wasn’t yet quite enough. What’s the one thing we could to to start to change this perception?

“So we had a team meeting with a lot of the SmackDown roster and we had an idea. The best way to make a statement was to go to Raw, put ’em under siege and kick ’em right in the mouth.”

Shane added: “So now they’re making it into something that is very uncomfortable. Daniel Bryan goes to Raw last night to explain our point of view, and how was Daniel Bryan treated?

“Daniel Bryan, beloved Daniel Bryan, was disrespected, he was locked in an office. He was then, in my view set up, and beat up by his former Tag Team partner.

Daniel Bryan hospitalised after Raw attack by Kane


And I will say this, where was Kurt Angle then? He was mysteriously gone. Where was my sister Stephanie? They didn’t care. They just put him on a slab basically and stretchered him out.

“Well I’ll tell you what, there’s gonna be hell to pay for that. Hell to pay. Come Survivor Series, Kurt Angle, you said you’re going to bring your gold medal – you bring your gold medal.

“You bring your monster among men Braun Strowman, and you pick your other three Raw superstars.

“Because you’re gonna meet here at Survivor Series, in our ring, Randy Orton, three of SmackDown’s finest Superstars.

“And as of right now, yours truly is going to be the team captain – and we’ll see you in the ring.”

It’s now a matter of filling out those remaining spots for the November 19 PPV. First up was a two-out-of-three falls match.

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