Shane Bieber fastest 100 strikes

The record that Shane Bieber has set and the milestones he has reached this season seems to be never ending. And after losing to the Twins 3–1 on Friday night at Target Field, one piece of paper may not be enough to fit them
List of records Shane Bieber The sets and milestones he has reached this season seem to be never ending. And after the Twins lost 3–1 on Friday night at Target Field, one piece of paper might not be enough to fit them all.
By beating Ryan Jeffers in the fifth inning, Bieber recorded his 100th strike of the season in just 62 1/3 innings. According to the Elijah Sports Bureau, this is the lowest innings that any starting box has taken since 1900 to reach the 100-K mark.
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“It’s a special achievement,” Bieber said.
Here is a look at the top of the breaders:
Max Shazer: 63.0 IP in 2018
Gerrit Cole: 65.0 IP in 2019
Carey Wood: 65.2 IP in 2001

“It’s too good to be mentioned in the same sentence as them,” Bieber said. “But at the same time, yes, I will reflect a little bit more on this later, once this year is over and because right now we are reflecting on the loss as a team and how we can move forward ahead.”
Entering Friday night, Bieber led the Majors per nine innings (14.67) and strikeout percentage (42.9 percent). The 25-year-old led his season high on the season, taking three wickets on five hits with eight strikes in seven innings. Two sliders came on two mistakes – one resulting in a two-part homer to Byron Buxton and the other to a solo homer by Jeffers.

“I felt good all night,” Bieber said. “It really came down when I made two mistakes, and they were big, and they took advantage of them. They are on one of my better pitches – it wasn’t very good tonight either. But they were both on sliders, hanging sliders, just rotating in their barrels and back in the zone. And when it’s really, really frustrating, you take it for what it’s worth and move on and get better at it. I should just pitch a couple a little better. ”
In all 10 of the start of this season, Bieber has banned at least eight batsmen, the most to start a season in the history of Indians. It also began with a second consecutive lowest strike to start a season at least since 1901, leaving only Randy Johnson, who started 15 straight in 2000.
“That wasn’t Shane Bieber [old]”But he still managed to keep us in the game,” said Sandy Alomar Jr., temporary manager of the Indians. He said, ‘There were some predictions at times with two strikes, many breaking balls too. But he still competes there. He killed eight people, released two and kept us in the game. At the end of the day, he still did what he was about to do. It would have been great if we had scored a few runs.

But for the second night in a row, the Indians were kept off the board until the ninth inning, as Jose Ramirez A single homer was added to the final frame on Friday. In addition, the offense featured just five other hits, resulting in the first loss of the season.
In the last three matches, the Indians have scored just two runs on 14 hits. And when he attempted to shake off the top of his lineup and create a spark, the effect was not immediate. Now, as Cleveland is 1 1/2 games behind the Twins for second place and 2 1/2 games behind the first-placed White Sox in the American League Central, the club has two weeks left of the regular season to wake up its offense.
“I think everyone knows what they need to do to get going,” Bieber said. “That’s the point. We are all professionals here, and the best in the league. I know what we can do all together as a team, but especially offensively. I’ve been on the wrong end of it many times Gone, and it’s just a matter of getting the right place and making the playoffs and preventing the ground from going into the playoffs.
“I know we’re a dangerous lineup. It’s all going in the right direction.”

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