Sex and food are div divine pleasures derived from God

Can’t massacre enough? You are preaching to the choir, says Pope Francis.

In an interview with the Italian writer Carlo Petrini, who has compiled several conversations with the Pope for a new book, His Holiness mentioned sex and food, among other delights, as a gift from God. Furthermore, it is not a sin to enjoy them, as the “overzealous” church leaders have taught in the past.

“Ananda comes directly from God. It is neither Catholic nor Christian nor anything else; It is only divine, “he tells Petrini, titled” Terrafutura: Conversations with Pope Francis on Integral Ecology, “an English work now out in Italy.” The joy of eating and sexual pleasure comes from God. ”

Francis continued, referring to the church’s previous condemnation for the ecstasy of life and sexual pleasure as a “morality of life … a misinterpretation of the Christian message”.

Pontifex Maximus stated, “The joy of eating is to keep you healthy from eating, just as sexual pleasure makes love more beautiful and guarantees the species’ durability.”

The 83-year-old claimed that scenes that eliminate such basic aspects of life “cause great harm, which can still be felt strongly today.”

“I don’t think it’s unusual for the pope to say what he specifically said, though,” said author and Catholic critic Peter Williams. “In calling for the enjoyment of food and sex ‘divine’, the Holy Father is rightly pointing out that pleasure comes from God.” Williams told Newsweek that the Bishop of Rome was describing “the Church’s acceptance of man, simple, moral pleasure,” such as good food and full sexual love in marriage. ”

Indeed, Pope Francis has stated that climate change, deforestation and continued consumption, namely, are very big issues to pray for.

The author of the book is best known as the founder of the “slow food” movement, which began in the 1980s as an attempt to protect regional culinary traditions and advocate fast food and large-scale food Was. According to Petrini, the book is a response to the Pope’s recent call-t0-action to defeat climate change and environmental injustice.

Last week, the spiritual leader urged the Vatican and the world to pay attention to the 2015 Paris Climate Accord – the cornerstone issue of the 2020 US presidential election next month.

Francis said that our continued demand for development and an endless cycle of production and consumption is coming to an end, “Francis said on September 1,” leaching of forests, topsoil erodes, field failures, desert advances, sea acid and storm intensification Occur. Creation is moaning! ”