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Severe weather erupts in Alabama today; Tornado watch issued

Rain and storms created for a stormy morning in parts of northern Alabama, but it can be a good thing when all is said and done.

Some of the storms have been strong and the National Weather Service was issued in Huntsville. Severe warnings of thunderstorms for some counties early in the morning.

Although those storms can help stabilize the atmosphere in the region, forecasters said there is still a good chance of another batch of severe storms this afternoon.

The Storm Prediction Center just before 8 a.m. reduced the increased risk in parts of northern Alabama.

And a tornado warning issued recently by the SPC does not include northern Alabama.

Meteorologists at the weather service said the rain-cooled air could help the severe threat – something like that – over parts of northwest Alabama.

But even though Culllman, Marshall and De Kalb counties are not under observation they are more likely to see stronger storms this afternoon.

Th The weather service said there is still a lot of uncertainty about how things will develop today in northern Alabama.

The forecasters offered three scenarios:

1. Early rains and storms stabilize the atmosphere and the region only receives a line of heavy storms today.

2. The first storms do not stabilize things and the subsequent line brings strong to severe storms throughout the region.

3. A combination of 1 and 2, with western Alabama remaining more stable due to morning storms, but eastern Alabama has the opportunity to destabilize and increase the potential for severe storms.

Meteorologists said models show the line of thunderstorms this afternoon towards northwest Alabama around 1 pm Northeast Alabama could expect storms later this afternoon starting at 6 p.m.

"… Many pieces have to join today at the right time to withstand the bad weather today," said the meteorologists. "If they do, all severe weather modes are possible."

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