Several people injured in suspected terrorist attack stabbed in Sweden – police – RT World News

At least eight people have been injured in what the Swedish police consider a possible terrorist attack. Officers shot and wounded the alleged attacker, whom police describe as a man in his 20s.

The police were called to the center of Vetlanda after receiving reports, shortly before 3 pm local time, that several people had been attacked with a knife. Later, officers confirmed that eight people had been injured to varying degrees, some seriously.

While initially investigated as an attempted murder, the incident is now described as a “possible terrorist crime,Although it is not clear what the reasons for the incident may have been.

The alleged perpetrator has been taken to hospital and is receiving treatment for his injuries. The man has not yet been questioned by police, but is being monitored at the hospital.

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The Swedish Transport Administration has suspended trains in the area.

Police have said the situation is under control and they do not believe other perpetrators were involved in the incident.

In a statement, police said that an investigation was also launched into their response to the incident and, as a result of that investigation, they will not comment further at this time on why officers opened fire on the suspect.

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