Seth Meyers Slams Charlie Rose on Fiery Takedown


Seth Meyers had some words of choice for veteran journalist Charlie Rose, who was fired from CBS and PBS on Tuesday after eight women came forward claiming he had badually baded them while working for him or seeking work in one of his sample.

Multiple women said that Rose would appear bad in front of them while working at home or traveling with the badigned journalist.

"Here's a good rule of thumb," Meyers said Tuesday on "Late Night." "If your face does not attract girls, your penis will not make a difference."

Rose issued a response apologizing for some of her "inappropriate" actions, but stated that not all the accusations were "accurate."

Rose's co-host, "CBS This Morning," Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell responded to the news of Rose's alleged misconduct on Tuesday morning.

"I'm not fine," King said. "Charlie does not get a pbad from anyone in this room."

Take a look at Meyers' full answer in the previous video.

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