Seth Meyers rages on Fox News for Trump’s 2020 election lies

The night after Election Day, Seth Meyers went deep into President Donald Trump’s inescapable position with a 21-minute “A Closer Look”, but still tries to stop counting every vote and steal the win from Joe Biden . And he reserved the majority of his displeasure for Fox News.

In form of late night The host said, Trump and Fox News have been “flaring their viewers” for weeks with lies about voter fraud. “And now the moment is here and they are taking abusive and unprecedented steps to falsely declare victory before all votes are counted.”

“This is an autocratic movement that intends to explode our democracy and transform it into an autocracy with a healthy sprinkling of psychiatry,” Meyers continued. And he was particularly unfit to react to Fox in the president’s “inconsistent and insane” late-night speech, in which he declared premature and false.

Pointing to the host’s “former Bush hack” Dana Perino, Fox News pointed to “former Bush hack” Dana Perino as soon as he finished his speech on Trump’s line of nonsense, which said Pennsylvania would suddenly come Somewhere you get “100,000 votes in a garbage”.


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