Seth Meyers Blasts Trump for Pinning Coronovirus Death on Blue States

President Trump announced this week, “There was a tremendous death rate in the Blue States.” “If you take out the blue states, we are at such a level that I don’t think there will be anyone in the world.”

By that logic, Seth Meyers concluded on Thursday night, “The more blue states we have, the better you have done on this virus.” late night The host predicted that soon Fox News anchor Sean Honity is asking viewers to help Trump by voting for Joe Biden: “Good news for Trump because Joe Biden has been called to Florida, thus He had blood on his hands. ”

“Also, someone who lives in one of those states and knows the people affected by this virus,” Meyers continued, “I would just like to say, rotate yourself Fuck, Business Ham.”

Saying that Trump’s “Blue States” comment was made by the host, “he is one of the most trots ever said,” I’m sure Trump is not our first sociopath president, but he certainly is Are the first to open up about it. ”