Seth Meyers accused of falling for GOP’s coronovirus ‘scam’

Seth Meyers actually went very hard Monday night after President Joe Biden – but not for the reasons that Fox News would have liked.

Instead, the late night The host criticized Biden for what he sees as a “preposterous and pre-determined practice” when it comes to COVID relief, to “demand” “republicans”. “Just the fact that he is willing to sit down and listen to you is worth more than all of you,” Meyers said directly to GOP senators who want to reduce the aid package.

Comparing Biden to the neighbor, who would keep throwing the land back in his yard, even though the kids were throwing a smear dog hunt at him, he asked, “Seriously Joe, why are you taking anything Susan Collins seriously?” Says? Just send a check to the people. Nobody cares if he is moderately disappointed with this process. “

And then, pointing to the way Republicans used the same budget reconciliation process for corporations to push through tax cuts, he said, “Nothing they say about compromise and bipartisanship.” Should be taken seriously. They have been pulling this scam for years. “


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